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Traveling Tuesday: Sun King Brewing — Indianapolis, IN

This week’s adventure is courtesy of Hoperative #34 Jason Siebert. If you have an adventure (or just make a little side trip) to find better beer and you want to tell the story, let us know! Take a few pictures,

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Beer Blogger Conference Update

The highlight of the first day was easily the bottle exchange that finished things up. There were beers from all over the country. Each one was selected by someone who thought it was a beer that ought to get some

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Hoperatives on the Road

I hope this isn’t too much inside baseball. I apologize if it is. Carla and I are in Boulder, CO right now as participants in the first-ever Beer Bloggers Conference. We already had travel plans when we heard about it,

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A Quick Hoperatives Survey on Cincinnati Beer

We’re getting ready to take some Cincinnati beer to share at the Beer Bloggers Conference in Boulder in a few weeks. We want your input! Which specific ones should we take? Must be currently available in bottles. Like this:Like Loading…

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Hoperatives Guide to Better Beer at Disney’s Epcot Food and Wine Festival 2010

If you happen to be heading to Walt Disney World before November 14th, be sure to check out the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. Despite the name, they also have some better beers too in addition to their usual offerings

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It’s a Small World, but I’d Hate to Paint It

This past weekend Carla and I were in Chattanooga, TN for the 15th Annual Southern Brewer’s Festival. We’ve reposted our review of last year’s event below. That review first appeared on My Wine Education and writing it was the event

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Live at the Southern Brewers Festival!

5:45 We’ve planted ourselves out at the end of the pier at a table that holds eight. Just like last year there has been a parade of folks looking for a place to sit down. It’s a great way to

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Repost: Review of the 14th Annual Southern Brewers Festival (2008)

This review originally appeared on the My Wine Education blog and is reprinted with permission. Thanks, Michelle! It must be said that Tom and I are travelers. And if the travel destination includes the chance for great beer or wine,

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From Carla’s Post “Why I Blog About Beer”

We are currently in Chicago for the blogging conference known as “BlogHer”. That’s kind of a misnomer since 10% of the conference attendees are men, but there are a lot of screams and giggles in the lobby. The post below

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Short Hops (Travel edition): June 28, 2009

● Happy 180th Birthday, Yuengling! You can start your beer travels in Pottsville, PA wishing America’s oldest brewery Happy Birthday! And those of us in the Cincinnati area can once again wish that we could get Yuengling here… ● Beer

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