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Ultimate Traveling Tuesday: GABF?

Most Tuesdays, we have a post here on one of the better beer locations that one of your fellow Hoperatives has had the pleasure of visiting. For many folks, the ultimate Traveling Tuesday location would be to attend the annual

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A Quick Hoperatives Survey on Cincinnati Beer

We’re getting ready to take some Cincinnati beer to share at the Beer Bloggers Conference in Boulder in a few weeks. We want your input! Which specific ones should we take? Must be currently available in bottles.

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Short Hops: July 31, 2010

● Chicago Tribune: Kolsch: A beer style to fit your summery mood ● Craft Beer Restaurant Blog: Beer treads water at Disney food festival ● When brewers go on the attack ● Joe Sixpack: Craft-beer makers get crafty with

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Indiana Homebrew Club Day 2009 – Brew-B-Q on June 6th

Passing along the info. Let me know if anyone attends this and how it was. I know some people had a really good time last year. -Jared Third Annual “Indiana Homebrew Club Day” Brew-B-Q 2009 on Saturday, June 6th !!!

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Decisions, Decisions…

As Hoperative #43 5chw4r7z pointed out, this Thursday has a plethora of choices for the tri-state beer lover. Luckily, they’re not all at the same time (just most of them). At 6:00 pm, you have three beer events to choose

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BEER WARS LIVE : Movie April 16, 8pm EST

I’m not sure how we missed this for so long but it seems like something I may be making a trip to the theater to see. Who’s coming with me? Playing LIVE April 16th at 8pm EST. I have checked

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