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A Hoperatives Toast: That’s Officer McGreevy to You, Pal

This isn’t directly beer-related, but it’s important to us here at Hoperatives nonetheless. Today — right around the time this post is going up — Hoperative #212, Hoperatives contributor and stalwart member of the Northern Kentucky Brewer’s Guild Chris McGreevy

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Top Ten Things We’d Rather Not See at Beer Festivals

We go to a lot of beer festivals, possibly more than is healthy. It’s pretty hard to go more than a month or two without a festival popping up somewhere. A well-run festival is a lot of fun. It seems

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Writing About Beer

Carla and I spent most of this past weekend in Lexington, KY attending a writing conference focusing on craft beer. We did the Cincy Winter Beerfest Friday night, then got up Saturday to drive down to the UK Student Center

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Welcome to Cincinnati, New Belgium. Or, How the Beer Scene is Like the Weather

So the buzz around the beer community in Cincinnati today is the arrival of New Belgium Brewing Company’s beer in Ohio. I’d say “impending arrival” because it’s not supposed to happen until Monday, December 16, but there’s plenty of evidence

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Thankful For the Better Beer in Cincinnati (and beyond, too)

Lo, the many years ago, when I first started writing for Hoperatives (that is, back in the fall of 2010, when I had way more free time and dinosaurs still roamed the Earth), one of the very first posts I

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On Beer Culture and Beer Subcultures

One of the reasons Carla and I started Hoperatives is that we wanted to celebrate and support Cincinnati’s beer culture. Back in another lifetime I used to think a lot about culture and media for a living. It’s a fundamental

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Local Beer Blog Spotlight: Oct. 17, 2013

We got a really nice response to our first Local Beer Blog Spotlight last week. We hope to keep it a weekly feature, but will switch to biweekly on occasion. Let us know if we’re missing any other blogs. The

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Thoughts on Moerlein’s Medal at GABF

There was some really, really big news over the weekend that we haven’t adequately recognized here. Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. won a Silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) for its Emancipator Doppelbock. The Gold medal went to

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Past Due Beer Review: Sebago Bonfire Rye

Well… I’m writing again, which I suppose is a start. It took months of prodding, some beer and an unreasonable amount of patience on Tom and Carla’s behalf, but I picked up the computer. So onto the beer! Bonfire Rye

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A Disturbance in the Force

This post may be a little too much inside baseball stuff regarding the Cincinnati beer blogging community for some tastes, but so be it. A change is happening that deserves mention and acknowledgement. No matter what the topic, no blog

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