Uinta Brewing Event at Macs on the Pike this Friday

Uinta Brewing Logo

With all the activities around Cincinnati Beer Week happening this week, I wanted to draw some attention to an event that (as far as I know) isn’t a Beer Week event but still rates as pretty important. Steve Kuftinec, one of the owners of Uinta Brewing will be at Macs Pizza Pub On the Pike on Friday February 8 from 4 to 7 PM. There will be several of the brewery’s beers on tap as well as bottle offerings.

Uinta (pronouced “you-IN-ta”) Brewing is new to the Cincinnati market, but it’s been a staple of the Western U.S. craft beer scene since 1993. Named after the Uinta mountain range located in northeastern Utah, the brewery operates from a 100% wind-powered brewery in Salt Lake City, UT. They’ve undergone quite a bit of expansion recently, which probably explains why they’re moving into Ohio. It may seem odd that Mormon-dominated Utah would be known for good beer, but, as the Utah Beer blog puts it, “We may live in a desert, but we’re not dry.”

Welcome to Cincinnati, Uinta.

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