Short Hops: April 18, 2010

Garrett’s Beer Pairing For KFC’S Daring Double Down
From the brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery, Garrett Oliver, one of the most unusual beer pairings ever!

Molson Coors to launch ‘clear beer for women’ (in the UK)

BEER WARS: The Female Edition
The Beer Wench tells Molson Coors what she thinks of their ‘clear beer for women’ (Read the comments! Molson Coors responds!)
UPDATE: Garrett Oliver from Brooklyn Brewery adds his two cents. My favorite line is “…the main reason women in the UK don’t drink beer is because big brewers have told them that they’re not welcome. Beer advertising has often been stupid, violent and misogynistic, particularly in the UK.”

Top 50 Breweries For 2009

‘Beer mat house’ sets new Guinness World Record
Video from BBC News

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