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It’s National Lager Day. Have A Cold(er) One!

According to various sources on the interwebs, December 10th is National Lager Day. When I first found out about this marvelous new thing last week, I assumed the day would a national holiday celebrated with bank closures, a day off

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Thankful For the Better Beer in Cincinnati (and beyond, too)

Lo, the many years ago, when I first started writing for Hoperatives (that is, back in the fall of 2010, when I had way more free time and dinosaurs still roamed the Earth), one of the very first posts I

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Traveling Tuesday: The Old Dublin Pub – Wallingford, CT

If you even find yourself spending an evening or two in Wallingford, Connecticut, the first thing you’ll want to know is where you might find a decent pint. Well, actually, I guess you’re probably first going to want to know

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Malt Liquor Monday: Colt 45

A funny thing happened to me a few weeks ago.  I was on my way home after a long night of auditioning chimpanzees for the title role in my new street play, “Puddin and the Primate’s Revenge: Episode One of

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Required Reading: Ruminations on the culture of sampling

It’s funny how some ideas, some topics, can float around in the back of head like wisps of smoke, just insubstantial enough that you know there’s something on your mind, but you can’t quite get a handle on it.  And

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Better beer and resolutions in the new year

Depending on where on this crazy blue marble you live, we’re all about three days into the new year by now.  That means the shiny of it is starting to wear off, that distinctive New Year smell isn’t so apparent

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REPOST: A Craft Brew Christmas Carol – The End of It

Stinge clambered up off the floor, grinning as widely as he had in many years. “Yes! Yes!” he yelled, loud enough for anyone in the grain storage room above him to hear. “I’m still alive! Oh, happy day!” He dashed

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REPOST: A Craft Brew Christmas Carol – The Third Spirit

The specter, floating upon the billowing foam, came to Stinge silently, gravely. Overcome, Stinge, fell to his knees, trembling below the spirit’s gloom. The ghost wore a voluminous dark brown robe of heavy, homespun wool sashed at the waist by

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REPOST: A Craft Brew Christmas Carol — The Second Spirit

Stinge sat up in bed and looked around his dark room. His clock, inexplicably sitting in its proper spot on his nightstand read 1:00 AM. The exact minute he was told to expect his second visitor. At yet he was

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REPOST: A Craft Brew Christmas Carol – The First Spirit

Stinge awoke in total darkness.  He couldn’t specifically remember turning off his only dim bulb, but must have before falling into bed. The man groaned and rubbed his eyes, trying to clear the fuzz from his head.  Perhaps he’d had

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