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The Holidays: A Dark Time of the Year. . . for Beer!

The calendar rolls past daylight savings and the collective joy of summer is snuffed. Awake in the dark, commute in the faint light of morning, return home from work just in time for the last rays of the day to taunt

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There’s A Beer For That Weather

We live in a state with weather that is certainly never boring (and rarely comfortable).  With the ever-changing weather comes an ever-changing perfect beer style to pair with the climate.  The start of football season is my official start of

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Of Beer and Being Home

It’s been more than 20 years since I lived in Texas, and even though I wasn’t born there 1 I’ll always consider myself a Texan. Draw a line from Amarillo down to McAllen on the border, and there aren’t too

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What is the perfect beer with…

In honor of today’s holiday, we have a question for all of you. What is the perfect beer with ham? Does it make a difference if it has a glaze on it? What about country ham? Or, my favorite, the

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