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Local Beer Blog Spotlight: Oct. 17, 2013

We got a really nice response to our first Local Beer Blog Spotlight last week. We hope to keep it a weekly feature, but will switch to biweekly on occasion. Let us know if we’re missing any other blogs. The

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Past Due Beer Review: Sebago Bonfire Rye

Well… I’m writing again, which I suppose is a start. It took months of prodding, some beer and an unreasonable amount of patience on Tom and Carla’s behalf, but I picked up the computer. So onto the beer! Bonfire Rye

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Snapshot Review: Old Dominion Brewing Company (Part 1)

Disclosure: the brewery provided complimentary samples for review, with no further stipulations.  I checked the package for an envelope full of cash, and, sadly, there was none.   Dominion Oak Barrel Stout Brewery: Old Dominion Brewing Company Style: Stout ABV:

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Malt Liquor Monday: Colt 45

A funny thing happened to me a few weeks ago.  I was on my way home after a long night of auditioning chimpanzees for the title role in my new street play, “Puddin and the Primate’s Revenge: Episode One of

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Tasting Notes: Cincinnati Beer Week 2012 Barleywine Ale

I was privileged enough to make it down to the tapping of the 2012 Collaboration Barleywine at Rock Bottom Brewery ( ) and just wanted to share a few quick tasting notes I jotted down in between all of the

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Seeking Light, Gluten-free and Non-Alcoholic Recommendations

When you write a beer blog, you start getting asked for your better beer recommendations. Sometimes, that’s an easy question to answer. Sometimes, it gets a bit trickier. There are three categories of beer that we’ve been getting asked about

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Yeah, We Tried It! : Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat

So what is a “Yeah, We Tried It!” post? In general it has come to be something of a running joke where we sample a beer from one of the larger brewing companies whose names shall most times not be mentioned

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Review: Great Crescent Brewery – Dark Lager

Great Crescent Brewery is located in beautiful downtown Aurora, IN. About 10-15 minutes south of I-275. It’s not as far as it seems and I promise the beer is worth the drive. Take the family out on a Sunday drive,

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Review: Great Divide Brewing Sampler Pack

I was at Jungle Jim’s – which had a very good selection of samplers – and I picked out the the “Brewer’s Picks” 12-pack from Great Divide Brewery in Denver, Colorado. I tend to shy away from beers that have to travel a long way to make it to my liver, so I can’t say I’ve had much of their beer – despite the fact that I am well aware of Great Divide and their reputation.

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Revisiting the Tasting of the Ambers

This post originally ran back in January, but we thought it was relevant given the news that Yuengling is going to be available in Ohio in the Fall. We haven’t done another tasting panel since we did this one, but

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