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Sierra Nevada: Craft Beer Walt Disney World

The meaning of the word ‘craft’ in ‘craft beer’ is a never-ending discussion among beer folk. That’s partly due to the fact it’s most often discussed when people are drinking. No one knows when to shut up. It’s also because

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Traveling THURSDAY: Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest

With all the craziness I’ve been dealing with earlier this week, I forgot to get this information out for a Traveling Tuesday so instead here’s our first ever Traveling Thursday. We went to last year’s inaugural Alltech Craft Brews and

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Field Report: Fireside Pizza & Old Firehouse Brewery

There’s something about firehouses and beer.  Maybe because there’s such a love affair between firefighters and beer. Whatever it is, the Tri-State is gaining two new better beer locations that are based in old firehouses. Carla and I had a

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Past Due Beer Review: Sebago Bonfire Rye

Well… I’m writing again, which I suppose is a start. It took months of prodding, some beer and an unreasonable amount of patience on Tom and Carla’s behalf, but I picked up the computer. So onto the beer! Bonfire Rye

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Passages into the Past: Photographing Cincinnati’s First Brewing Era

The buildings that remain from Cincinnati’s brewing heritage have faced hard times along the way.  Luckily investors and concerned citizens of Cincinnati have realized the importance and potential of these former brewing facilities The former Christian Moerlein bottling facility is

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Passages into the Past: Photographing Cincinnati’s First Brewing Era

Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine neighborhood is one of the most interesting and beautiful neighborhoods to photograph.  The turn of the century architecture as a whole is amazing and the buildings definitely have a story to tell;  from the materials the

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Passages into the Past: Photographing Cincinnati’s First Brewing Era

[Carla and I are thrilled to welcome Jessica Huff Blank as our newest contributor. Some of us take pictures, but Jessica is a photographer who has a deep interest in beer (yes, she’s a homebrewer) and history. It’s a good

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Traveling Tuesday: Asheville, NC Part 1

I had the pleasure of spending a couple of nights on a business trip in Asheville, NC. It just so happened to be located exactly in the middle of the two locations that I needed to visit so it seemed in

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Beer Bloggers Conference Random Thoughts

The Beer Bloggers conference is in the process of wrapping up. I’m writing this as a session is underway. It’s a good session, but it’s covering a lot of stuff I’ve heard before.  So I’ll blog.  I don’t think I’m

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Live Beer Blogging

[So about this post.  One of the annual features of the Beer Blogger’s conference is the Live Beer Blogging session. 11 Breweries. 5 minutes per brewery. There’s usually a brewer there to talk about the beer, and just when the

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