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UPDATE: As of October of 2013, Carla is no longer working as Rivertown’s social media coordinator. We do still host and maintain their web site.

Since the day we started Hoperatives (well, really before then), we have worked very hard to promote the concept of better beer in Cincinnati (and beyond). We’ve taken a step closer towards this mission and we wanted to share this information with all of you.

Both Carla and Tom are now working with Rivertown Brewing to help them polish their online presence. Carla has been working as their social media coordinator for a while now and both of us are working on a new Rivertown web site.

We first met Jason and Randy back in December of 2009 (thanks to an invitation from the kind folks at Arnold’s to help them taste beers from this new local brewery). Since we were fairly new bloggers at the time, we’ve always felt like Hoperatives and Rivertown have both emerged as important parts of the Cincinnati beer scene together.

We still love all of the local breweries, local brew pubs and local restaurants & bars in Cincinnati and we will continue to try to provide our readers with the best information we can. To keep clear of a conflict of interest, unless it’s a news or event item, neither of us will be writing about Rivertown in the future. However, one of our contributors still may write about Rivertown. But, in all honesty, we rarely review local beers and we never review local beer locations.

Any questions? Just email us at both@hoperatives.com

–Carla and Tom

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