Thanks for the validation!

To say that we have been overwhelmed by the responses we’ve received since our Hoperatives: Where We Stand Now post came out on Tuesday would be an understatement. We asked that you let us know what you thought and you did. For that, we are very grateful.

We are looking into possible advertising partners that are appropriate for Hoperatives. More importantly, please know that we will only take advertising from companies and products that we believe in. Through this little experiment, we’ve learned that our responsibility is to our readers first and foremost and that’s where our loyalties will always lie.

And we want to publicly thank those of you who tipped us via our PayPal link:

Mark McChesney
Chad Harrison Ford
Jeff Van Kirk
Craig Quesnell
Ryan Phillips
William Kiessling

As the title of this post says thanks for the validation. It really means a lot!

Thank You