Welcome Empty Growler to the Beer Blogging Fold!

If you are into music, you probably already know about Each Note Secure and DoneWaiting. Well, two of the folks behind those music blogs have branched out to beer blogging. Joe Long and Robert Duffy officially launched Empty Growler this month.

Empty Growler

Why beer blogging? They answer that question in their most recent post:

So who are we here at Empty Growler to try and jump into the conversation? Well, nobody really. We aren’t experts, haven’t brewed or tasted any more beer than you have and don’t have some sort of insider information about the beer industry. But, we do have passion for the hobby and a pretty solid knowledge of blogging and the web as a whole.

So, welcome Joe and Robert to the wonderful world of beer blogging. Perhaps we’ll see you at the 5B: Believers in Better Beer, Bites and Blogging conference next month or at the national Beer Bloggers Conference in Indianapolis this July.

–Carla and Tom

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