What’s your favorite beer for a hot, humid day like today?

We knew it was going to hit some time. We just didn’t know when. The full hot and humid ugliness of a Cincinnati summer is upon on this week. And that got us thinking… What are your favorite beers for hot, humid days like this? Do you go for the lawn mower beer? The Urban Dictionary defines a lawn mower beer as:

Any beer low in alcohol content that is also highly quaffable. A style of beer you would want to drink after working hard in the yard on a hot summer day. Usually a crisp pale lager or ale with moderate to high carbonation. Must be well chilled.
Lawn mower beer style examples include American Light Lager, Cream Ale, Blonde Ale, Standard/Ordinary Bitter. Commercial examples include Sam Adams Light, Genesee Cream Ale, Abita Golden, Redhook ESB.

Or perhaps you would rather have a classic pilsner? Or perhaps a shandy or radler, especially since there are several available in bottles now or you can always mix your own.

Whatever beer it is, let us know. We’ll add ours in the comments too.

— Tom and Carla

5 Replies to “What’s your favorite beer for a hot, humid day like today?”

  1. This summer I am hooked on Two Brothers Sidekick. An excellent session ale with a very grapefruity hop character. Prost!

  2. Used to be Celis White. Now, I go back to my Arizona roots and pull out 24oz Tecates on a hot summer day – no damn fruit either!

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