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Welcome to Hoperatives, a place for believers in better beer.

What’s better beer?  It’s not just the beer you like, it’s the beer you love.  It’s the beer you’ll search for far and wide, the one you’ll drive long distances to sample and buy, the one you’ll  hoard for yourself or grudgingly share, but only with friends who get it.

That’s what this site is about.  It’s about the beer, the places that make the beer, the places that sell the beer, and the places that serve the beer.  Most importantly, it’s about the people.  The people who make the beer, and the people who love the beer.

This blog is centered on Cincinnati, Ohio, one of the world’s great beer towns. We’ll focus on the people, places, and events that make it great.  We’ll also look at happenings in the region, which we’re defining as anything within a five-hour driving range.  That takes us from the shores of Lake Erie to the north to the Tennessee River to the south, from somewhere in the middle of Illinois to the west, to somewhere in West Virginia to the east.

Hey, it’s a beer blog, not a geography blog.  What qualifies as regional is going to be a matter of taste.  Just like beer.

Finally, because the proprietors of this establishment like to take their love of beer on the road, we’ll venture beyond regional and national borders and report back on what we find.

Community is a lot of what a blog is about.  It’s doubly true of a beer blog.  There’s a reason a good beer bar is noisy.  It’s because people are talking.  That’s what this place is about.  It’s a place for believers in better beer to congregate and have a conversation.  We can’t always drink beer, but we can always talk about it.

A couple of ground rules:

People have different tastes in beer.  People have different likes and dislikes.  That’s just how we roll.  If you like something, great.  No one can tell you not to.  By the same token, you can’t tell someone that they shouldn’t like something that they do.  You can argue facts.  You can advocate for a particular point of view based on some merits.  What you can’t do is disparage someone personally because they believe something you don’t.  (Well, you can, but you can’t do it here.)

Finally, this is a blog about beer.  Food might come up — in the context of beer.  Travel might come up — in the context of beer.  It’s not a politics blog.  It’s not a gender blog.  It’s not a left-handed-whatchamajigger blog.  There are many fine establishments that cater to those things*.  Go there and talk yourself silly, then come here after.  For a beer.

Na Zdrowie!

Tom Streeter
Carla Gesell-Streeter


Tom with beer     Carla with beer

*Yes, www.whatchamajigger.com is taken. I checked.

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