Policies and Disclaimers

Because people do actually wonder about these types of things, here are the policies we follow at Hoperatives.

People have different tastes in beer. People have different likes and dislikes about everything. If you like something, great. No one can tell you not to, and no one ought to. By the same token, you can’t tell someone that they shouldn’t like something that they do. Feel free to argue facts, but matters of taste are personal and not subject to debate.

We welcome and encourage comments. Community is what this blog is all about. In the end, however, we’re paying for everything around here and we’re going to moderate comments that we think go out of bounds. What’s out of bounds? Personal attacks. Spam. Comments that have nothing to do with beer, people who make beer, or people who love beer.
We do not post anonymous comments. All comments are subject to moderation, though typically users who have had one comment approved will be able to post comments without moderation in the future.

Sample and Comp Policy

We love samples, because it gives us an opportunity to try new things. Contact both@hoperatives.com to learn where to send them.

However, in sending a sample or offering a complimentary meal/experience, you understand that

  • we may not like your beer/accessory/item or give it a good review. That’s the chance you take sending it into the blogosphere.
  • we may not get to it right away but we’ll do our best.
  • we will always alert our readers when we are reviewing a sample or complimentary item or experience.
  • we will not take payment for posting a review of any sort.
  • we will not review any of your products during the advertising period if you are advertising on our site.


–Tom and Carla