What We're Drinking Right Now (Jan. 20, 2023 edition)

Posted by Carla Gesell-Streeter on Jan 20, 2023 at 3:10 PM

Once a week (or so), we post a beverage (or two) that we are enjoying right now. These aren't be long reviews analyzing the drinks, just what it is and a sentence or two about why it's our go-to right now. We may even talk about the foods that pair well with those beverages. You never know!

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Carla and Tom - We went old school this week. Some times, a diet Cuba Libre just hits the spot. With a tip of the hat to Carla's post earlier this week, this drink comes in at only 2.5 carbs. Our version calls for caffeine-free Diet Coke, 1/3 ounce of lime juice, and 1.5 ounces of Myers's Original Dark Rum.

JR - Stone Ruination IPA. It's not exactly local, but it's one of the first double IPAs I ever tried, and it made me a little sad when they stopped making it regularly. They brought it back for a limited time only, and I was not about to miss the chance to catch up with an old, seriously hoppy friend.

Julie - Ghia soda is a take on an aperitif— notes of lemon balm, rosemary, orange peel and gentian for bitterness. It comes in aperitif that you can use as a mix, or premixed in cans.

Ghia soda

Michelle - Currently in an amazing bar in NYC where Ludwig Bemelman did all the art on the walls (author of the children’s Madeleine books).
I ordered a vesper and it literally came with a spare.

Vesper cocktail
Madeline mural from Bemelmans Bar
Dachshund detail in mural from Bemelmans Bar

Monika - For fun, what I'm drinking now is this exotic beer I found at a local hibachi grill.

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