What We're Drinking Right Now (Jan. 27, 2023 edition)

Posted by Carla Gesell-Streeter on Jan 27, 2023 at 6:32 PM

Once a week (or so), we post a beverage (or two) that we are enjoying right now. These aren't long reviews analyzing the drinks, just what it is and a sentence or two about why it's our go-to right now. We may even talk about the foods that pair well with those beverages. You never know!

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Carla and Tom - Certain restaurants will always be special. One of them for us is St. Elmo Steakhouse in downtown Indianapolis. A few years ago, they added a foods sideline that included a St. Elmo branded bourbon that is cherry-vanilla infused. Carla actually stumbled upon it at the tiny liquor store across the road from us. It makes a great Manhattan, or you can add a splash of cola to make your own Elmo Cola.

St. Elmo Cherry Vanilla Infused Bourbon

JR - Pretty much every day, I drink an unsweet Iced Tea from McAlister's. They offer a Monthly Tea Pass for $6.99 or something ridiculous, which lets me get one tea or lemonade every day for a month. And occasionally, I even buy a Brookie while I'm there for one of my kids.

McAllisters Iced Tea

Julie - I’m obsessed with the pistachio cream cold brew from Starbucks. Basic? Maybe. Delicious? Absolutely.

Michelle - We had lost power in the snowstorm, and as it was getting cold, I opted for something that would warm me up inside. I had a glass of Heaven’s Door Highway 61 blend bourbon poured over one slow-melting clear ice cube. Heaven’s Door is the bourbon created in partnership with Bob Dylan out of Nashville. The Highway 61 blend is no longer available but was a unique yeast strain made with each partner location. My bottle came from Total Wine & Spirits in Atlanta.
And it did the job of warming me up!

Heaven's Door Highway 61 bourbon blend