Beer Bloggers Conference Random Thoughts

The Beer Bloggers conference is in the process of wrapping up. I’m writing this as a session is underway. It’s a good session, but it’s covering a lot of stuff I’ve heard before.  So I’ll blog.  I don’t think I’m the only one in the room doing that. So here are some of my off-the-cuff impression of how we spent our weekend.

  • I think you’re going to see things on Hoperatives that will track back to this weekend. If there was a theme to the weekend that kept coming up over and over, it’s storytelling.  Since that’s a passion of mine, it was great to hear.
  • The big thing with a conference like this is a chance to sit down and talk with folks from around the company who have the same obsessions you do. Most blogs are local or regional like Hoperatives, so we get to talk shop and compare notes about our respective areas.
  • Playing off that last point, we’re really lucky in Cincinnati.  I’ve been shocked to hear about the sniping and junior-high level crap that happens among brewers and blogs and bars in other cities.  It’s not like that never happens in Cincinnati, but by-and-large we have a great beer community.
  • On the same topic, it’s been great to hang with Tom Aguero from Queen City Drinks.  We’ve known Josh for years, but had never really had the chance to get to know Tom.  I wish Joe from Empty Growler could have made it, but he had something like 30 music festivals to be at this weekend.
  • There was really very little about the mechanics of running a blog.  That’s how it ought to be because the vast majority of the attendees are already running a blog. Sessions were mostly centered on beer education or ways to extend into new types of contents.
  • Compared to two years ago, the conference has really raised its game. The sessions were really quite good and we stuck to the schedule pretty well.  Transportation worked well. The keynotes?  Awesome.  I’m now a confirmed Garrett Oliver fan, and Randy Mosher is a pleasure to listen to.  Not a wasted sentence and those sentences could go just about anywhere. He just pointed out that the Sumerians invented light beer.  And look what happened to them.
  • This was the first one of these held east of the Mississippi and Indianapolis did a great job. It’ll be interesting to see where the next one is going to be.
All-in-all we had a great weekend.  God willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll be at the 2013 version.


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  1. Great summary!

    I attended via Twitter due to recent surgery but as my first #beerbloggers conf. I am blown away by the quality of discussion, content, and idea generation.

    Great stuff coming to craft beer near you beer drinkers!

  2. Great having the two of you there! I enjoyed having the conference in the great Midwest and am also anxious to see where we end up going next year. Thanks for joining us, and stay in touch!

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