September 20, 2009 — For someone who makes a beer called “Arrogant Bastard” with the tagline “You are not worthy,” Greg Koch is an awfully nice guy. We got to the Catskeller at UC a bit early for the scheduled event and were just hanging out when he wandered over to talk to us. It took a couple of minutes for us to establish that he didn’t realize we wanted to interview him; He just wandered over to strike up a conversation. You only have to talk to him for a couple of minutes to feel his passion for craft brewing (though he tends to call it ‘artisan brewing,’ which is a good way of putting it).

September 19, 2009 — There was be no way Jim Koch would miss his hometown’s Oktoberfest, especially when Sam Adams is the main sponsor. We knew that, and tried — to no avail — to arrange an interview with him through Sam Adam’s PR folks. Nothing came from that (I don’t want to think about how many requests he must get), so when Carla saw him out on Fountain Square just before he was to speak at the opening ceremonies, she walked over to him, handed him one of our cards and asked him if we could interview him. He graciously agreed, and as soon as the ceremony was over he came right over to us. Any reports you’ve heard about him being a really nice guy are utterly true. We thank him for taking a couple of minutes and speaking to us. Even if we talked too much.