Beer Wars: The Single Serving Review

Sorry I’m getting this out so late but the movie didn’t floor me enough to make it a priority.

There has been a lot said online about Beer Wars so I’m going to keep my review short sweet and to the point.

I arrived at the Florence Cinema De Lux about 20 minutes early and stopped by the bar with my friends. The theater had actually brought in a couple beers from the breweries in the movie so I sat down and enjoyed a Stone IPA. The bartender told us that they had presold a whopping 12 tickets (4 of which were mine).  By the time the movie started I would guess about 380 people had not 20 people had shown up.

The movie itself made me laugh at times, one more beer before hand and it would have made me sleep at times as well. I think it served as more of a rally cry against the beer lobby in DC. It spent a lot of time on the difficulties craft brewers face trying to get into certain markets which I understand and I guess you have to make you point against the 3 tier bureaucracy somehow if you don’t have a real voice in DC. On the other hand the breweries featured in the movie Dogfish head and Stone seem to have done quite well at making moves in the market.

The evils of Anheuser Busch were laid bare and while I saw some tactics that were distasteful (Slapping naming lawsuits on DFH), it was quite obviously slanted. I mean I was half expecting to see footage of Budweiser employee’s throwing kittens into the brewing vats.

My gripes aside the movie was quite entertaining at time. Interesting historical beer ad clips were mixed into the film with a good dose of beer humor. . It was interesting and Ben Stein was pretty clueless but that part was funny to me, that and Beer Advocate lambasting moonshot beer in the video clip with both people on stage and then asking for a response.

Awkward movie with a point to make but most of us “Beer Geeks” are awkward and have a point to make so it was sort of fitting.

PS. I won’t be buying the DVD unless the second disc has some really cool stuff on it.