Beers We Love Right Now: July 8, 2015

Once a week (or so), we post a beer (or two) that we are loving right now. These aren’t be long reviews analyzing the beers, just the name of the beer and a sentence or two about why it’s one of the beers we love right now.

Tom – When it’s warm like it is now I like a solid Pilsner.  It’s the beer where there’s nowhere to hide. It’s good or it’s not, there’s nothing in-between. Rhinegeist Puma Pils is where it’s at for me right now. It’s a Czech Pilsner so it’s all about the Saaz hops. Crisp and refreshing and you can tell your uncle that this is what the beer he’s drinking is supposed to taste like.

Carla – This past weekend, we went back to my home state of Illinois. We had a late lunch on the 3rd at brewpub called J.T. Walker’s in Mahomet, IL. My dad really liked their Bulldog Brown Ale, but I loved their Orange & Blue Belgian Wit with orange peel and blueberries.

Jared – Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose. Gose and blood orange – what more can you ask for? And Brew Kettle White Rajah, because I can find it readily now and because White Rajah!

John – I’ve been loving New Belgium Slow Ride, their 4.5% abv Session IPA. Lots of hop flavor, low-ish alcohol, and straightforward. Great for the beach or sitting outside.