Calling All Hoperatives!

I hate the space-time continuum.  Especially the part where you’re not allowed to be in more than one place at a time.  It really gets in the way of blogging.

Carla and I are gratified and thankful for the wonderful reception we’ve been given by both the Cincinnati and the beer blogging communities.  It’s been great, and we’re having a blast.  This is a new thing for us, and it’s a new thing for you, too. (At least I hope the habit of reading what Carla and I write is a new habit.  Though it would explain why our mail keeps getting opened…) We know folks are reading us because of the fine folks at SkyNet Google Analytics, but we also know it because some of you have taken the time to e-mail us at to request your own Hoperatives ID, a number that might win you some swag somewhere down the line.  We also have a lot of folks following us on Twitter.  We thank each and every one of you, and we want to hear from you!

Actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.  Pull up a chair.  Pour yourself a beer.

The Cincinnati metro area is big.  Not Houston or Chicago big, but I wouldn’t want to have to paint it.  It also turns out that it’s an awful big area for two people to cover when the topic is beer and this is such a great beer town.  So this is where the ‘operative’ part of Hoperative comes in.  We want this site to be a resource for folks all over town, not just the folks who happen to live where Carla and I happen to live, shop and drink.

For example, we go to Party Town more than anywhere else because we live closer to them and we’ve gotten to know the guys there — because we go there a lot.  We’re regulars.  You’re probably a regular somewhere.  Tell us about it.  What makes the place you like to get beer special to you?

Want us to keep track of what’s on tap there?  We’ll be glad to do it.   We want to be as wide-ranging as we can.   Just let us know who we need to contact at your favorite establishment, and we’ll do the leg work.  Hey, this isn’t entirely altruistic: we want to find out about places that are new to us.

We’ll write about them.  Heck, we’ll let you write about them.  Send us an e-mail with a review and we’ll post it.   Don’t want to call it a review, but just want to brag on your favorite place?  That’s fine!  Send it in.  We’re just the ringleaders, not the whole circus.

Own a place that believes in better beer?  Tell us about it!  We don’t — and won’t — charge for placement in our informational pages.

If you find yourself on this site saying “I can’t believe they don’t list X Y or Z,” it only means you haven’t told us about X, Y or Z yet.  As soon as you do, it’ll be listed.

With great powers come great responsibilities, Hoperatives.   Luckily, this is a blog about beer and all we want to know is what you think, so it really should be pretty easy for you.

Thanks again for making us part of your day, and let us know how we can be more of what you want this to be.

4 Replies to “Calling All Hoperatives!”

  1. you know what would be really cool is a database of what beers are on tap where. for example, i <3 brooklyn lager and the only place i know it is on tap around here is at the dilly deli. just an idea, and i have no idea how to actually do this…

  2. We could do that. We’ve already started listing what each local beer store and restaurant/bar/pub has on tap on their individual pages. But I could throw it all on one page too.

    Alas, we have not tried Dilly Deli yet, but plan on going there this Monday for a research trip. ;)


  3. The Dilly Deli is, hands down, my favorite place to drink in Cincinnati. Their draft list changes regularly and is phenomenal; local beer (Barrelhouse, Mt Carmel) is usually available. They even have a cask-pull system, which sometimes features the local beers. It doesn’t get any better than local cask beer. Those are some people who are devoted to better beer (and wine, and food).
    I frequent it, so I can send in updates of their draft selection when I think of it.
    If you love beer and you haven’t been to the Dilly Deli in Mariemont, definitely make it a priority.

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