Three months at Rhinegeist

Rhinegeist Brewery opened this weekend. We were fortunate to be invited to the “Friends and Family” opening event Friday night and had a great time. We had visited the brewery a couple of times since March and it’s amazing to me how the space has come together. The space is cavernous, but the taproom area is over in a side alcove that gives a more intimate feel.

I took some video on our visits over the months and I put together this video. Enjoy.

Do yourself a favor and go down to Rhinegeist and see for yourself.

Taproom Hours

  • Thursday 4pm-12am
  • Friday 4pm-12am
  • Saturday 12pm-12am
  • Sunday 12pm-7pm

Our First Look: Yard House Cincinnati at the Banks

It officially opened on Sunday, but we had a chance last Friday to check out the Yard House at the Banks. Here’s a taste of what we saw:

We haven’t really done a lot of video on the site (though we have done some), but that’s going to change. Hope you enjoy it.

I guess I should say a little more about the event. The shot early on of the large novelty check is Yard House presenting a $10,000 check to the Freestore Foodbank. The check may be a novelty, but the money is real (and always needed. Hint, hint.). You can see that the event was pretty crowded overall and it was all hands on deck from a staffing perspective. They certainly handled the crush that night. It remains to be seen if they can keep up the pace over the long run. I suspect they will. These folks have done this before

Tom Aguero did a nice write-up of his experience that night over at Queen City Drinks.

Have you had a chance to get down there yet? What are your thoughts?

Vote for our own Mitch Dougherty as the “Hardest Working Brewer in America”

Last week I followed Rock Bottom Cincinnati’s Brewmaster Mitch Dougherty around for a day while he brewed. The plan was — and still is, for that matter — to make a video that can serve as a virtual tour of the brewing setup there. We’ve kicked this idea around with Mitch for quite a while, and last week I finally got down there to get some footage. This is all part of a larger plan I have to shoot footage on any and every local brewer who cares to let me follow them around with a camera.

Anyway, while Mitch and I talked about what I wanted to do, he mentioned a contest Mitchum Anti-Perspirant is running called the “The hardest working ________ in America.” He asked if I could use some of the footage to put something in for him, and I said “sure” without a second thought. Then we realized that the deadline for entry was today (July 11), which didn’t leave much time to pull everything together. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing, though, so I put the longer virtual tour piece aside and have spent the last couple of days putting this together. I beat the deadline by 12 hours, so I feel pretty good.

So here’s the deal: you can go to this url ( and vote for this video. The button says “Vote for tomstreeter” but that’s only because they’re using YouTube and I uploaded the video via my account. You’re voting for Mitch, not me. There’s some kind of byzantine judging process, but the bottom line is that you can vote once a day for the next week or so and it’ll do Mitch’s chances some good.

By the way, if you haven’t gotten down to try Mitch’s American Dream IPA (which this year is a double IPA), you owe it to yourself to correct that oversight. There’s a quick shot late in the video where Mitch is pulling a sample of the IPA from the fermenter before he racked it over to the serving vessel. When he opened the valve, the smell of citrus filled the room. If only there were a way to get smells into video …

Our Interview with Greg Koch of Stone Brewery

For someone who makes a beer called “Arrogant Bastard” with the tagline “You are not worthy,” Greg Koch is an awfully nice guy. We got to the Catskeller at UC a bit early for the scheduled event and were just hanging out when he wandered over to talk to us. It took a couple of minutes for us to establish that he didn’t realize we wanted to interview him; He just wandered over to strike up a conversation. You only have to talk to him for a couple of minutes to feel his passion for craft brewing (though he tends to call it ‘artisan brewing,’ which is a good way of putting it).