Cincy Winter Beerfest Updates

Did you miss out on Connoisseur tickets for this weekend’s Cincy Winter Beerfest? Thirty Friday Connoisseur tickets have been put back on sale. 30! These tickets are $95 and include the food pairing from local restaurants, exclusive beer list, and private bathrooms all night. We’ve done this several times in the past and it’s great! This is for Friday night only, Saturday night is still sold out.

Just go to today to get your tickets. Even if you want the other levels of tickets, buy them now! Sales are 1,500 ahead of last year and for the first time, Friday night may sell out before Saturday night. Go now!

There are lots of new restaurants and Ohio breweries included this year. Plus, this is the first Cincy Beerfest with the beer oist curated by Matt Utter (formerly Head Brewer at Christian Moerlein).

Early check-in for ticketholders will be outside of the Rock Bottom Brewery on Fountain Square from 3:00-5:00 pm both Friday and Saturday. It starts at 5:45pm at the Cincinnati Convention Center.

Cincy Winter Beerfest