Decisions, Decisions…

As Hoperative #43 5chw4r7z pointed out, this Thursday has a plethora of choices for the tri-state beer lover. Luckily, they’re not all at the same time (just most of them).

At 6:00 pm, you have three beer events to choose from: Cock & Bull: Pint Night Thursday which is featuring Delerium Tremens this week, Rock Bottom’s Mug Club Tapping of Catcher in the Rye IPA and Party Source’s inaugural Burgers and Beers “Thirstday” featuring Bluegrass Brewing Company out on the Patio. This is a really tough choice so you may just want to go with your beer preference on this one. Unfortunately, we will be out of town, but some of our intrepid Hoperatives are going to be taking one for the team and covering these events for us.

Catcher in the Rye

We rarely miss a Rock Bottom tapping. You get a sample of the beer just tapped and there’s an appetizer to try too. Be sure to ask to sit in the bar area and watch for Mitch (the brewmaster) to jump up on the bar to announce the tapping. We were lucky enough to get to taste the Catcher in the Rye IPA this past weekend and it’s really nice (full review to follow). Also, as you enter, look to the left up above the corner booth. It’s one of our favorite Rock Bottom logos.

If you remember, we told you about the new Burgers and Beers “Thirstday” event at Party Source back in February when Danny Gold announced it at the “Won’t You Beer My Valentine?” event we attended. The idea is to match the burger toppings to somewhat about the beer. With BBC, there was some discussion of a Kentucky hot brown burger. Hoperative #39 AmyInOhio has offered to cover this for Hoperatives. Can’t wait to see what she finds out!

If you’ve never experienced the Cock & Bull English Pub on Covington’s Main Strasse, you really need to check it out some time soon. During their Pint Night Thursdays, you buy a pint of the featured beer and keep the logo glass and then get discounted refills all night. But get there early! We tried to go a couple weeks ago and it was packed.

The main event of Thursday night is at 8:00 pm — Beer Wars LIVE! with Ben Stein. This is a screening of the new documentary Beer Wars: Brewed in America, followed by a live discussion with some of America’s leading independent brewers and experts. It is showing at Showcase Cinemas De Lux Florence, Regal / Deerfield Town Center in Mason, OH and National Amusements / Springdale Showcase Cinemas in Springdale, OH. Hoperative #14 Jared and a group of fellow beer lovers are covering the Florence showing for Hoperatives.

It’s been interesting that in the last few days, there has been a bit of backlash from various beer bloggers in regards to this movie. Check out A Good Beer Blog and The Mad Fermentationist.

So whatever you decide to do tomorrow night, have fun and enjoy better beer!

–Carla and Tom

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  1. Note on Thursdays as Beer Night: My understanding is that college towns tend to have more drink specials on Thursdays to get people out to the bars and drinking. They are going to come out on Friday and Saturdays anyway you have to lure them out on work and school nights. Basically a way to extend the weekend drinking a day.

  2. we reserved our tickets to burgers and beers at PS this afternoon, so hopefully we will see Amy there! Beer wars was sooo tempting, but we figured that (eventually, and maybe with some bribery?) we can get a version to view at home. I hope so!

  3. Laura,

    The word is that it will be coming out on DVD late this summer. But, apparently, the live discussion will not be on the DVD (or so they say now).


  4. I’m busy all night and can’t make ANY of these (ironically, because I have a prior commitment at a WINE bar). 🙁 But I look forward to hearing about them, particularly the movie showing.

  5. I was able to make 2 of the events and didn’t have time to see the movie. The Catcher in Rye tapping was a great time as always and appetizers were Bruschetta! Cock’n bull for the second time in a row did not have Delerium Tremens as advertised and hence I missed the movie. They served Stella Ortois which is hardly a substitute.

  6. I wasn’t able to get the mai tai since Disney Cruise Line does fruit garnish, no umbrellas. I was told it’s a “good for the environment” decision. Had lots of draft Yuengling which was nice and visited five brew pubs in three states and two countries. Posts coming soon!

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