East Coast, West Coast, No Coast! Coming to Louisville

We had been hearing about this upcoming event in bits and pieces recently and then Hoperative #132 Mitch Morrison was able to track down some more information for us. Here’s what it is: a gathering of beers and beer people from the East Coast (Dogfish Head), West Coast (Stone) and No Coast (Louisville’s own Bluegrass Brewing Company). Greg Koch, the owner of Stone, will be in attendance and is bringing some never-before-seen-in-Louisville beers including Old Guardian Barleywine aged in Red Wine Barrels, Smoked Porter with Chipotle, Cali Belgique, Vertical Epic 090909, 2006 Double Bastard aged in Bourbon Barrel, and more. The beers from Dogfish Head and BBC haven’t been pinned down yet, but we’ll update as we hear more.

This great beer event is going held Saturday, Sept. 19th, beginning around 5:00 (so you have to choose between this and Oktoberfest Zinzinnati). The location is the side street next to Flanagan’s Ale House (934 Baxter Ave.) in Louisville. Besides the great beer, they are also promising live music and lots of “food specials made specifically with Stone, Dogfish, and BBC brews.”

The organizers are quick to point out that this is not a competition, but rather a celebration of great beer from across the country. We’ll post more news as we get it!

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  1. Bluegrass Brewing Co. East Cast West Coast No Coast Line Up.

    2005 Double Barrel Stout: This is the last of the first batch of Bourbon Barrel Stout we brewed.
    Brewed on 12-22-05 the liquid was transferred into its first bourbon barrel and laid to rest for years.
    We brew crew then racked that liquid into a second freshly dumped barrel and aged it for two years.
    This brew has taken on a life of its own and only can be explained by BBC’s indifference for others pallets.
    *****This is the very last of this liquid, will never been seen again!

    4th ed. 2008 Big Fellow: Exclusively aged for the Louisville chapter of the AOH to celebrate halfway to St. Patrick’s day.
    Aged for one year in freshly dumped Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. This liquid is brimming with barrel character.
    Not blended, pulled straight from the barrel. ***Exclusive last tasting until next year.

    Bourbon Barrel Stout: This thick, American stout is delicately aged 60 to 90 days in freshly dumped small batch bourbon barrels.
    The malt sweetness is perfectly balanced by the roast barley and a nice hint of bourbon flavor and aroma. ***Available year round.

    2006 Bearded Pat’s Barley Wine: This cellared beauty has aged as gracefully as Sophia Loren. American Style barleywine: so named because of its high, wine-like alcohol content and the use of American hops. Deep amber in color and full bodied, with a blend of fruitiness, and maltiness. As with most Barleywines Bearded Pat’s has aged well allowing the fruity esters, high IBUs, and sweetness to harmonize into a very mature beverage. *****This is the very last of this liquid, will never been seen again!

    2008 Brandy Knickers: This is a very limited and special release of The 2008 Queen’s Knickers, BBC’s seasonal Olde English Strong Ale, aged in brandy barrels for 12 months. Like most Queens her power grew with time. Be mindful and courteous or she might call for your head!

    American Pale Ale: 2008 voters choice for Louisville’s favorite beer. Our classic American Pale Ale is copper colored ale with fresh, citrus like aromas and a full-bodied and hoppy character balanced with a generous amount of malted barley.

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