First Look at the 50 West Brewing Co. Tap Room

After releasing beers at several local establishments over the past few months, the 50 West Brewing Company officially opened their on-site tap room.  The announcement was made on Facebook and Twitter around noon on Friday, and judging by the hearty crowd it made a stir.  50 West is located on [duh] US-50 (aka Wooster Pike) in Columbia Township, just east of Mariemont, west of Terrace Park/Old Milford, and north of Newtown.

I snapped a few photos last night, which are posted below.  We generally don’t review local establishments and beers at Hoperatives, but I’ll just say that the space is impressive and the beer is great.  It’s a fantastic addition to the great tap rooms that other local breweries are operating. And I certainly don’t mind that I live less than a mile down the road.

Their website is still under construction, but they have been communicating through their Facebook and Twitter accounts:
Twitter: @FiftyWestBrew

According to the Facebook page, their operating hours are:
Thursday: 5pm-midnight
Friday: 5pm-2am
Saturday: noon-2am
Sunday: noon-midnight


 You can tell the space (the old Heritage Restaurant) has been given a lot of love.  Also, the Cafe de Wheels foodtruck was outside feeding hungry revelers.

The available beers are posted on chalkboards, complete with descriptions and stats.  There were about 15 different ones available.

There’s nothing like a shiny new line of taps. They do individual pints, sampler flights, and growler fills.

All the glassware is branded, and they have a mix of style-appropriate glasses such as pints, goblets, and snifters.

The etching (is that the right word?) on the sampler paddles is an especially nice touch.

There is a bar area with 4-toppers, and adjacent area with booth seating (pictured), and an outdoor area. There’s also a shuffleboard table, an unfortunate rarity in this part of the country. Complimentary soft pretzels and cheese were set out on each table.

Looking for the bathroom?  Just past the tanks.

Congrats to everyone at 50 West on the opening!
-John (#13)

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! This place is special, and I come from San Diego, a craft beer utopia. I love what these three guys are doing, and their exuberance is contagious. Kudos to Brewmaster Blake for a line-up of beers that can hold their own with any brewery I have been to. Great things ahead for 50 West in my opinion!

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