First Look: Ei8ht Ball Brewing

We were lucky enough to get an invitation to last night’s Friends / Family and Industry Night at the soon to open Ei8ht Ball Brewing located inside the Party Source. As you can see, it was a crowded event, but we managed to get some photos. We plan to get more today at their media event.

Ei8htBall Brewing

The screens on either side and directly behind the bar lists the draft beer available. We loved that the listings looked like chalkboard. The screen opposite the bar has the ability to connect to Skype for allowing brewers and other guests at remote locations to speak at pint nights and the like.

Ei8htBall Brewing Bar

Love the light fixtures over the bar made from growlers.

Ei8htBall Brewing Bar

You can see some examples of the merchandise available in this shot. The glassware they have for serving the beers is really great.

Ei8htBall Brewing Neon

As well as their own beer, the bar at Ei8ht Ball serves many other better beers as you can see from this custom neon from Schlafly.

Ei8htBall Brewing Swing

Gotta love a bar with a bright red porch swing in it. Had to take this picture after Ei8ht Ball closed last night because…

Ei8htBall Brewing PhotoBomb

…a local brewer decided to photobomb our first shot. Thanks Scott!

3 Replies to “First Look: Ei8ht Ball Brewing”

  1. I was actually most impressed by their beers out of everything I had there last night. The space is very nice and they have a dream team of beer folks working the bar. It’s definitely going to be one of the best beer spots in the Cincinnati area.

  2. Can’t wait to visit. I love the draft list on TVs, especially given the large list. I’ve seen that in some bars/breweries in other cities but hadn’t yet in Cincy.

    Mostly, I’m excited to drink Mitch’s beer again.

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