We’re going on hiatus. Promise we’ll be back.

When Carla was teaching at the University of Tennessee at Martin, one of her colleagues had a saying that has become a standard at Casa de Hoperatives: “Life is too much with me.” As we’ve mentioned in earlier posts here, the last few months (years?) have been a whirlwind of both good and bad. But, mainly, life has been too much with us.

We’re going to take a short break, a hiatus if you will. We may even re-focus our efforts a bit. One thing that we plan on adding is the ability for better beer locations to submit their beer events directly for our calendar and This Week in Beer posts. [If you would be interested in being a beta tester for that project, email Tom at tom@hoperatives.com]

In the mean time, we will still keep posting and sharing interesting beer news and events on our Facebook page. Heck, we might even go back to posting on our Twitter and Instagram accounts more.

Feel free to drop us a line here or via email [both@hoperatives.com] if you have an idea, comment, suggestion, or even a funny joke you heard and want to share.

We’ll be back. Just taking a break for now.

Cheers and here’s to better beer!

—- Tom and Carla


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