Happy New Year!

Reboot in Progress…

Hoperatives was born 11 years ago today. We’ve been promising that we’d relaunch the site since roughly around the time the Earth cooled. It’s been a slow process. There are a lot of moving parts. Life has refused to become less complicated. In the post from a year ago (!) we said we wouldn’t promise a date, but it’d be in 2019. As the saying goes: if you want to make God laugh, go ahead and share your plans with her.

There have been many, many, many conversations over the last year about what we wanted Hoperatives to be — and what we didn’t want it to be. A lot of it goes back to that epic 3000 word post from sixteen months ago where Tom used a whole lot of words to say we needed a good beer events calendar in this town. If you read the post — and Tom urges you not to do that unless you’re having trouble sleeping — the implication was that Hoperatives was going to cease being a blog and this events calendar thing was going to replace it. It was a great plan except for one thing: we hated the idea of killing the blog.

Eleven years is a lot to throw away. We haven’t posted regular updates since September of 2017 (around the time the Brewing Sciences Program at Cincinnati State took over Carla’s life), but it still has its place. As Tom worked on trying to replace WordPress with the custom events app, he found himself essentially replicating what we already have. As a platform for event listings, WordPress leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s a very good blogging platform. So here’s the plan:

  • We’ve removed things that were horribly out of date and were unlikely to ever be updated. Most of them were listings of various sorts, events included.
  • We tweaked the underlying site template a bit. The tweaking will probably never really stop.
  • Despite the fact that updates have been sporadic at best, there are pages in the beer travel section that discuss beer at Disney resorts that get steady traffic. Those pages are being updated.
  • For technical reasons too tedious to discuss (really trying to keep this under 750 words) the dedicated event listing app and the WordPress installation can’t both exist at Hoperatives.com. One of them has to have a different address, and the blog has 11 years seniority. When the time comes the as-yet-unamed event app will have a unique URL. You’ll be able to reach it without coming through here if you want and it will work offline. It’ll be updated by the event venues themselves and lightly curated for style and spelling. And it’s definitely going to happen. Still not going to say when, but code is being written every single day. Soon. Not a year.

It occurred to us not too long ago that the hop cone in the logo is a pretty good metaphor for what’s been going on with the site. It’s like an iceberg in a way: Some of it is visible, a lot is not and if you aren’t careful you can run into it, sink, and have Celine Dion singing songs about you. No one wants that. It’s a slow process, but it’s a process that’s really and truly underway and is going to be really nice when it’s done.

Something that we heard a lot from folks back when there were far fewer places to find better beer in Cincinnati was that people planned their weeks based on what we listed on Hoperatives. We want to bring that back. We’re going to bring that back. Just hang in there with us.

May this year bring you health and happiness. Cheers! And here’s to better beer!

–Carla and Tom