Hoperatives on the Road

Boulder, Colorado

I hope this isn’t too much inside baseball. I apologize if it is.

Carla and I are in Boulder, CO right now as participants in the first-ever Beer Bloggers Conference. We already had travel plans when we heard about it, but we changed them because we knew we wanted to be here. It’s going to be an opportunity to meet a lot of folks who love beer enough to write about it. Some make money doing it. Others are like us in the Department of Labor-of-Love.

This conference is coming at a good time because we’ve been talking a lot lately about how to evolve Hoperatives. Don’t get me wrong, we like what we have going now. You don’t know how much of a thrill it is when someone walks up to us and says they plan their week off of “This Week in Beer” or that their weekend planning always includes “Growlers and Tastings.” No matter what we decide to start doing, things like that aren’t going away. We like finding out what’s going on and letting others know about it. It’s always going to be what we do.

The reason I’m bringing this up at all is that you might notice that we’re publishing more over the next couple of days. There are a lot of sessions on a number of different topics and if something strikes our fancy, we’re liable to throw up a quick post. What would be really helpful to us is a little feedback. If there’s something we write about that you really like, leave a comment or send an e-mail saying “I’ll have more of that, please.” Or something to that effect. Silence will be interpreted as “meh.” If you want to say “meh,” you’re welcome to, of course, but silence is its own message in the blogging game.

Oh, and it’s supposed to be sunny and in the 70’s here the next few days. I don’t apologize for that.