Hoppy Birthday Hoperatives!

Celebrating 10 years

Today marks the beginning of the second decade of Hoperatives. We can’t swear to it, but this may well be be the last new blog post that ever appears here. If it is, it’s a little bit of symmetry we never could have predicted at the beginning. We had no idea what Hoperatives was going to be when we started, and the world is quite a bit different than it was in 2009. But we’re still here. And, apparently, so are you.

This may be the last “official” blog post, but Hoperatives is not going away. It’s being rebuilt from the ground up. Literally. We’re moving off of WordPress and going to a custom piece of software that will do what we need it to do and nothing else. For those of you who care about such things, that’s not an editorial comment on WordPress. It’s a great blogging platform and it has a bright future. It’s just not what we need. What we need doesn’t really exist, so we’re making it ourselves. Which is how we started in the first place.

Stealing from our dear friends at MadTree, we’re going to say Hoperatives 1.0 is going away and Hoperatives 2.0 is coming. When? When it’s ready. Not before. It’ll be this year. It’s kind of like opening a brewery. Announcing a date is just a good way to make sure it doesn’t happen by that date.

So this isn’t an ending, it’s the beginning of something new. That’s what New Year’s Day is all about. That’s what birthdays are about.

Cheers and here’s to better beer!

–Tom and Carla