How to Get Your Event on Hoperatives (a bi-monthly post)

If you are a long time reader of Hoperatives, you know that we used to have more posts than just “This Week in Beer” or “Tastings and Tappings Report”. But, as the new Brewing Science Department at Cincinnati State has been ramping up, I have less time to spend writing for Hoperatives. So I concentrate on those two weekly posts. So how do I find the events that I list here? I’m glad you asked!

1) Create a Facebook event – If you are a better beer business, you need to let people know about things happening at your place. Like it or not, Facebook is one of the best ways to let people know and to give you an idea on how many people are interested in that event. The best part is that people can subscribe to your Facebook events and Facebook will notify them every time you create one. It won’t get lost in their newsfeed like a regular post can. Embrace Facebook Events. They are your friend.

2) Send out regular email messages/newsletters – This is another one that helps both me find out about your events and your customer base find out too. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but if you use something like MailChimp, you can set up your mailing list and newsletter template easily and be good to go. Heck, if you buy me a beer, I might even help you set it up.

3) Send me an email message personally – I know you would think this would be the best way to notify me, but honestly, some email messages seem to get lost in my inbox. If you do send me your event information via email, be sure to include the date(s), time, place, ticket information, menu, breweries and beers, etc. The more info, the better.

4) Tag Hoperatives on Social Media – While this can work, you have to remember that both Tom and I have full time jobs and we may not see your tweet or Facebook tag until too late. Which reminds me of one of my main requests —

Please get the information to me in a timely manner – Because I try to send out both “This Week in Beer” and the “Tastings and Tappings Report” to our newsletters subscribers the night before, I need your event information the day before. If you release it after then, to be honest, it probably won’t get added later to the posts and it definitely will have missed being included in the newsletter. I’ll try to share it on our Facebook page if I can.

Also, please don’t be offended if we don’t attend your event. There is an embarrassment of riches right now in local beer events. And that’s a good thing. But it means that we can’t be everywhere. This is also one of the reasons we only cover Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky (unless we decide to cover something as a Traveling Tuesday post).

Finally, with rare exception, we don’t really write about local breweries until they’ve opened and sold their first beer. To be honest, I have a box full of beautiful business cards from breweries that never opened. We’re patient. We’ll wait.

As always, use the Contact us link if you have any questions. Almost eight years into this thing, we’re still trying to make Hoperatives your favorite site for local beer information.

Cheers and here’s to better beer!


I Believe in Better Beer