If We Throw It, Will You Come? (A Gathering, That Is…)

So we’ve been kicking around having our first official Hoperatives gathering some time soon. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you individually, but thought it might be nice to get together and raise a pint to “better beer”. So check your calendars and let us know if Thursday, June 4th or Thursday, July 2nd would work for you. We’re thinking 6:00 pm or so to meet up. As soon as we get at least ten positive responses to this idea, we’ll start putting things in motion.

And don’t forget we’re on our way to our 100th Hoperative and our next drawing. We already have some prizes for this next round including $40 gift certificate to Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery, a t-shirt from Weasel Boy Brewing Company, a Magic Hat opener and more. Who knows what else we might add by the time we get to 100? Not a Hoperative yet? Just drop an email message to rollcall@hoperatives.com with your name and location to join our ranks and get your roll call number.

Cheers and to better beer!

– Carla and Tom

16 Replies to “If We Throw It, Will You Come? (A Gathering, That Is…)”

  1. Yes, we will come. David and I both work in downtown Cincinnati until 5 PM, so it might be a little after 6 when we arrive.

    Maybe if we settled on a place like HH, DD, Rock Bottom, Nicholson’s, etc and let the management know they’d cooperate with some specials, who knows! Do you have any places in mind?

  2. As long as I’m in town (I should be), you can count me in. Perhaps even a +1. Do I have to drink beer, though? :)

  3. June would work for me. I will be gone the July date (and enjoying beer in Michigan!).

  4. I have a graduation to attend on June 4th, the July date would be better for me. I will attend, schedule permitting. Do you have a location in mind?



  5. count cindy and I in..if you need a place to have this, july would be perfect. By then we will have perfected our brews and that would give us a chance to have you guys try it..could also work out some great prices for this…thanks

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