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[So about this post.  One of the annual features of the Beer Blogger’s conference is the Live Beer Blogging session. 11 Breweries. 5 minutes per brewery. There’s usually a brewer there to talk about the beer, and just when the conversation is getting good, they have to move on the next table.  It’s a speed beer tasting. Kind of dumb if you think about it, but if you don’t think about it much it’s a lof of fun. The problem was that I’m sitting there trying to take notes and I accidentally post the unfinished draft. What can I say? I was drinking at the time.  Carla got pictures of each of the bottles and I’ll add those in later. You’ll notice that there’s only 10 listed here.  I think we ended one brewery early, or someone got lost before they got to our table. What can I say, everyone was drinking.

This session came right after Garrett Oliver from Brooklyn Brewery gave a most wonderful keynote. I’m still processing what he had to say because there was a lot of wisdom in his talk. Silly fun like Live Beer Blogging is just that — silly fun.  But I’m glad I came to be able to hear folks like Garrett Oliver and hang out with fellow bloggers. It reminds me why this is all worth it.]

Flat12 Bierwerks — Pogue’s Run Porter

Lots of coffee/roast on the nose and on the back end.  Lots of depth.  Some of the first stuff off their bottling line. Reminds you of a coffee porter.

Triton Magnificent Amber

A hoppy, malty Amber.  Uses Cascade and Amarillo, two of my favorite hops. Lots and lots of flavor.  Glad to know they plan to come to Cincinnati.

Three Floyd’s ArticPanzer Wolf.

Simcoe and Bravo bittering and then dry-hopping in their 9% hop bomb.  A nice sweetness on the backend.  A bit of pine and a bit of of citrus.

New Belgium Shift

A great session beer.  A nice lager with a nice hoppy finish.

RAM Endgame Russian Imperial Stout

This is a thick, dense beer.  Lots of roast, chocolate and coffee.

Boulder Hazed and Infused

A classic. Hoppy goodness

Karl Strauss Wreck Alley Imperial Stout

Lots of coffee on the nose and cocoa nibs on the tongue.  Smooth and light-bodied

Schlafly American IPA

Another of the beers with dry-hopped Cascade, Amarillo and Simcoe. Yummy.

Barley Island Damien Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Very sweet. Almost a candy sugar finish. Have a feeling this one can sneak up on you.

Fountain Square Workingman’s Pilsner

Clean and drinkable with a rounder finish rather than that nice little bite you often get from a pils. Really works.

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