More Info on the Soon to Open Ei8ht Ball Brewing & Beer Bar

From today’s Party Source newsletter:

In case you have not heard (or are looking for an update), there is a micro-brewery and beer bar being built at the back-end of The Party Source. Despite rumors or miss-conceptions this will not be known as “The Party Source Brewery/Beer Bar”, nor will it be associated with the gypsy beer label Quaff Bros. No, this is Ei8ht Ball Brewing. The concept behind the name Ei8ht Ball hails from being located off of Route 8, whose road sign has an “eight-ball” look (black with a white circle and the number eight). It’s our way of being local without being obvious. Ei8ht Ball Brewing will be led by Master Brewer Mitch Dougherty and second in command Andrew Ritterbeck. Mitch, formally of Rock Bottom Cincinnati, started working as a consultant and quickly became our number one choice to lead this project into the future. Andrew, a former employee at The Party Source, has since travelled and brewed all across the area. He was most recently employed at Great Lakes Brewing Co. before coming back home to be part of the Ei8ht Ball team.

The beer bar will have over forty tap handles and sixty-plus seats as well as an outdoor patio. Besides Ei8ht Ball beers on tap, it will be locked and loaded with some of the rarest draft beers the greater Cincinnati area has ever seen. It will be set up as a tasting bar that focuses on education through flights, pints and snifter pours, as well as Growler fills to take home. It will also allow the craft beer fanatic to enjoy a beer while shopping the aisles. The Ei8ht Ball Beer Bar will also be equipped with a sixty inch monitor that allows videoconferencing for virtual tastings with brewers from all over the world.

When you build such a special environment you need a special kind of person to head this project. With that being said we went after and are happy to report we got the best. Our bar manager is none other than James “Pnut” Kahles, in our opinion the best ambassador of all things craft and artisanal when it comes to beer.

This is just a quick overview and brief explanation of what is to come. The full story will be told later this summer through the liquid of Ei8ht Ball Brewery and the experiences to be had with Pnut at Ei8ht Ball Beer Bar.

The Party Source Beer Department.