Nominate Cincinnati for BeerCity USA by April 21st

On Sunday, the nominating poll for the annual BeerCity USA vote went live. Reigning champ Asheville, NC is looking to hold their title, but we here at Hoperatives have a smaller goal in mind. If Cincinnati can get 100 votes by April 21, our fair city can get on the final ballot for the first time ever. Now, the polling system allows only one vote per computer/IP address. But, if you have access to more than one, there are no rules that should prevent you from voting more than once. So spread the word that everyone you know needs to get out the vote for Cincinnati to make the final ballot for BeerCity USA!

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3 Replies to “Nominate Cincinnati for BeerCity USA by April 21st”

  1. Only 200 votes for Cincinnati, that is unbelievable considering the number of people in line for beer at Cincy Winter Beer Fest!

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