How to NOT Get Your Beer Event on Hoperatives

This is a post that has been needed to be written for a long time. We frequently post on Hoperatives how to get your better beer events and information posted here. But we’ve never flat out said what will make sure your beer events and information won’t be.

Tom and I talk about this more than we should have to, but today an incident came up that pushed us over the edge. I’m not going to mention the location involved, but after being called out on an image offensive to women, they responded that it was just a joke. Nope. That’s it. I’m done with you.

Hoperatives will no longer list any beer event or location using names, tag lines, or images that demean any group, promote hate of any kind, or tacitly promotes sexual harassment. Yep, it’s 2017, not 1957. It’s not “just a joke.” It’s not “just beer.” It’s people.

We make no money from Hoperatives. We lose money, in fact, since we have to pay for the web hosting. We also lose the time we spend gathering information and writing it up to share here. To be honest, we would love to take a social media break from time to time, but we need to keep gathering beer events for our posts.

If this policy offends you, quit reading Hoperatives and unsubscribe from our newsletters. We’ll continue to fight to make the beer community more diverse and more welcoming in the meantime.

–Carla & Tom


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