Notes from the Underground: Bockfest 2009 (Part I)

All week long there’s been this voice in my head nagging me to get up a post about Bockfest 2009.

“You’re a Cincinnati Beer Blog,” says the voice, “Bockfest is one of — if not THE — premier beer events in town.  It has it all: History.  Culture. A gathering of the tribe. Beer.  Remember beer? You posted like crazy before the event.  You go, you have a good — no, make that GREAT — time.  Then nothing.  Hardly a word. What’s wrong with you?”

“But we have real jobs and we have these awful colds and …”, I begin.

“SILENCE!”, says the voice, “I don’t want to hear any excuses! I want a post!”

I really hate that voice.

Even if it is just a cheesy gimmick to get going on this thing.

For Carla and me, Bockfest was an eye-opening experience. We’ve lived here for just a bit over a decade, but in many ways we felt like we were seeing the city for the first time.  That sounds kind of trite, I know, but it’s true. Part of the delay has been the fact that I’ve spent a good part of the week looking at stuff I’ve been driving by for years with entirely new eyes.

Well, not entirely new eyes.  I still need glasses.

This is the first of a series of posts on Bockfest 2009. I have no idea how many there will be.  We have video, We have pictures.  I’m going to tell the stories that go along with them.  When I’m done with the stories, I’ll stop with the posts.

A couple of things that need to be mentioned up front:

  • A sprawling event like Bockfest doesn’t happen without a lot of people trying to make it happen.  There are a lot of moving parts, and most everyone associated with it is a volunteer.  If you went to Bockfest and had a good time, you owe them a bit of thanks.  Better yet, volunteer next year (we are). It also wouldn’t happen without the sponsors.  Show them some love, they deserve it.
  • A big part of the reason we were able to spend as much time we did at Bockfest is that we stayed downtown at the Garfield Suites.  Turns out that one of the managers is a reader and beer lover and gave us a very nice upgrade.  That was very, very cool, but I have to say that I think we would have had just as good an experience if we wouldn’t have gotten the upgrade.  Nice place, nice people.  Loved Cafe Martin.  It’s where we’ll stay for Bockfest from here on out, at the very least.  Definitely consider it if you have folks coming in from out of town and you want them to have some room.  For what it’s worth.

So shut up, Cheesy Gimmick Voice.