On the Road: Brouwer’s – Seattle, WA

[Hoperative #13, John Lavelle, is in Seattle for the next few days and heard a wild rumor that they have their own believers in better beer up there.  Here’s just one of the many places people in Seattle go to get great beer]

After taking in the Nordic food, drink, and charm of Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, my friends/hosts, Bill and Kristine, recommended that we close the night with a few brews at Brouwer’s in Freemont.  Brouwer’s bills itself as “A Brewer’s Paradise” and “a little bit of Belgium in Seattle.”  It certainly does not disappoint on either claim.

The room is beautiful, with wood tables/booths and exposed stone/steel.  There is a long, L-shaped bar: the long side for the beer, and shorter for the spirits.  More on both in a minute.  There is also an upper level that overlooks the main floor.  Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the stone fountain that greets you at the door: a cherub relieving himself into a basin.

There are 40 beer taps that seem to rotate regularly, even daily – the printout of the beer list had the day’s date on it.  Not surprisingly, they specialize in Belgians, but I was very impressed with their American craft beer selection – featuring many local products.  My only criticism is that the list was very saturated with stouts (mostly imperials) and a lot of big IPAs on the night we visited.  This is almost certainly the product of changing selections daily – and given their out-of-this-world list, I realize I’m being picky.  They also appear to have a very fine scotch selection, but I did not investigate too closely.

Below is a list of what we drank for the night.  The website has a sample list of draught beers which will give you an idea of what they serve.  I didn’t have any local beers, but there will be plenty of time for that in the coming days.  I just couldn’t resist the Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA.  In addition to all the great brewpubs in Seattle, Brouwer’s is well worth your visit.

Round 1
John: Dupont avec les bons veoux ’08
Bill: Pike Entire Oak Aged Imperial Stout
Kristine: Lost Coast Raspberry Brown Ale

Round 2
John: Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA (20% ABV)
Bill: Pike Double IPA
Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat

Seattle, WA


I need to invest in a panoramic lens.

Bill and Kristine, believers in better beer in Seattle