Recap: My First Oktoberfest Zinzinnati

So, being a 29 year old adult that has lived in Greater Cincinnati for more than twenty years, I am somewhat embarrassed to say that this year’s Oktoberfest Zinzinnati was my first.  I make no excuses, let’s just say that I have righted my wrong and intend to make my attendance at Zinzinnati a regular tradition.  For people who may not be from Cincinnati, you may not know that we have a huge German population.  You might also be unaware that Oktoberfest Zinzinnati is the second largest Oktoberfest celebration in the world and the largest in the United States.  Cincinnati started its Oktoberfest back in 1976 on Fountain Square.  It is held every year the same weekend as the original Oktoberfest celebration in Munich Germany (the third full weekend in September) and continues to draw people from around the world year after year to downtown.  This year, the Christian Moerlein Lager House joined the celebration by erecting a gigantic white tent dubbed “The Überdrome”.  The Überdrome covered the entire Schmidlapp event lawn which is adjacent to the Christian Moerlein Lager House on the Cincinnati riverbank.  Being that the Lager House is one of my favorite better beer places in town, I purchased my VIP tickets to the Überdrome the day after they went on sale and, well, let’s just say I was really excited.  Überdrome was open to the public but you could purchase VIP tickets which included a commemorative Paulaner stein full of the same beer served at the Munich Oktoberfest, and a buffet style dinner for only $40.  And to make things even better, Hoperatives and Wine Me Dine Me co-hosted a Grub Crawl just up the street where they lead a tour featuring the best Oktoberfest food and beer that Cincinnati had to offer.

I am having trouble coming up with words to describe my first Oktoberfest, other than to say it was an excellent party.  The atmosphere was jovial, the weather was beautiful (other than the gusty winds) and the food and beer were just what I had hoped for, delicious!  What a great way to spend a weekend in Cincinnati!  And being the first Oktoberfest for The Lager House, in my humble opinion, I think they knocked it out of the park.  Now that I have sobered up, I am already looking forward to next year.

If you missed Oktoberfest Zinzinnati this year, I highly recommend you mark it on your calendar for next year.  It was an awesome event featuring great food, entertainment, and of course beer.  And though I am not German, as you can probably tell by the “Mc” in my last name, this Irishman had an amazing time celebrating with great people, under the giant Uberdrome.  If you want to learn more about Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, check out the official website at  You can learn more about The Christian Moerlein Lager House at  I’d love to hear from all those who attended to see what you thought.

Hope to see you all next year.  Cheers!

Chris (#212)

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Oktoberfest Zinzinnati is my favorite event of the entire year in Cincinnati. Some people complain about the beer lines and large crowd but I recommend starting earlier before the evening begins and you will enjoy it more. I went all 3 days and am sad to wait another whole year. Everyone in Cincinnati, Prost!

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