Rescheduled Tap Room Trolley Information Released

This is the information about the rescheduled Tap Room Trolley sent out by the Cincinnati Beer Week Board of Trustees:

Cincinnat Beer Week 2014

New Dates for Tap Room Trolley Announced!

The rescheduled dates for the 2014 Cincinnati Beer Week Tap Room Trolley will be Saturday, March 22 and Sunday, March 23rd. These dates were chosen after a great deal of discussion by the CBW Board of Trustees, the participating local breweries, and a review of available buses for possible rescheduled event dates. It was determined that these dates would give Cincinnati Beer Week the best chance of ensuring a wonderful, fun-filled experience to all the Tap Room Trolley participants.

All Tap Room Trolley tickets sold for the original dates and times will be honored for the rescheduled dates, at the same times and for the same scheduled tour routes. Cincinnati Beer Week regrets any inconvenience the postponement of the original dates has caused. The vast majority of the feedback received, given the severity of the weather, was very supportive of the cancellation.

Many of the comments received were requesting additional tickets be made available to the previously sold out Tap Room Trolley Tour. Cincinnati Beer Week organizers wish to do our best to be responsive to these inquiries. To accommodate these requests, Cincinnati Beer Week was able to obtain two additional buses for the tours on Sunday, March 23rd. One bus will be added to each route. Additional information will be announced as soon as tickets sales are again available.

Questions? Tap Room Trolley patrons who have questions, comments or concerns about their tickets are invited to contact Cincinnati Beer Week at

The weather will be warmer, they’re adding busses and it’ll still probably sell out. If you have tickets and can’t make the new dates, I’ll bet anything you’ll be able to sell your tickets. Feel free to use the comments for this post if you have tickets you need to sell. If you’ve never commented before we’ll have to approve the comment, so just be patient. Your comment will appear.

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