Short Hops: May 12, 2009

Smallville: For session beer enthusiasts, less is more
A very fine article from Imbibe magazine on the joy that is a really nice session beer (aka little beers or low alcohol beers).

Randall the Enamel Animal
Check out this device called an organoleptic hop transducer module created by those lovers of extreme beers at Dogfish Head. Supposedly, it’s a three-foot-long, cylinder-filter packed with a half a pound of whole leafhops that is affixed to the beer line leaving a keg. The closest bar to the greater Cincinnati area with a Randall is O’Shea’s Traditional Irish Pub at 956 Baxter Ave in Louisville. They are promising Randall on last Wednesday of each month (call 502-589-7373 to verify). Thanks once again to Jared Whalen for telling us about this.

Miller Lite sales keep falling

Boston Beer Co brings back Samuel Adams Beer Lover’s Choice for 2009
This year, it is a choice between a 5.2% Pilsner centered around Noble hops or a pale ale ( or IPA) this is 5.8% ABV with hops “brewed from three traditional growing regions.” Last year’s winner was Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier.

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  1. Love the article on session beers. One of my favorite beers that I’ve brewed at home was an Irish Red session ale – at only 4.5% (hey, that’s low for me). I hear session beers are getting a lot of play in the homebrewing world right now – particularly English bitters/milds. One thing’s for sure: they’re usually a heck of a lot cheaper to brew.

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