Short Hops: Random Notes from All Over

  • Rock Bottom Cincinnati’s Brewmaster Mitch Dougherty will be tapping a brew he’s calling Buffalo Gold Ale at 6:00 PM tonight.  Carla and I will be there to cover the festivities (and review the beer).  Stop in if you have a chance.  Look for us and say ‘hi.’  We’ll be auditioning various Hoperatives secret handshakes.
  • BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse at Tri-County Mall should have their annual Grand Cru back on draft.  We were there last weekend were told that they blew though two kegs almost immediately.  They were to have it back on tap this past Monday.  According to their website there is a special commemorative glass for this year’s edition.
  • Stone Imperial Russian Stout goes exceptionally well with stroopwafles.  What’s a stroopwafle?  It’s a dollop of caramel-y syrup sandwiched between two very thin waffle cookies. (Wikipedia has an article, of course).  It’s one of the approximately 6,876,345 things I’d never heard of that Carla introduced me to and now can’t live without.  She was introduced to them when she lived in the Netherlands for a while.  Call it a Dutch treat?  Nah, too easy.
  • Want to be a Hoperative?  Drop us an e-mail at with your name and location and we’ll add you to the list.  Later on, your number could win you riches fame swag.

3 Replies to “Short Hops: Random Notes from All Over”

  1. Yum yum yum, stroopwaffles. Not as good as Liege waffles, but darn tasty. Costco had them in big boxes at Christmas this year, and did you know that Trader Joe’s carries them?

  2. Jungle Jim’s was where we first found them in town (now there’s a sentence that I’m sure has never been written before :-) ), but I believe Carla found Stroopies (the mini ones) at Meijer, of all places. Good to know there are other places to get the fix.

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