SweetWater Brewery Coming to Ohio

SweetWater Brewing

Lately, we’ve been getting more and more press releases announcing that a previously unavailable brewery is coming to Ohio or Kentucky. To be honest, it’s usually just another email amongst the many that we receive each week.

But, sometimes a brewery knows how to make themselves stand out… like SweetWater is doing. They didn’t want to just send us a press release. They actually wanted a chance to talk to us. Especially impressive for a brewery that’s been distributing in Northern Kentucky for over a year now.

Yesterday, we had the chance to talk with SweetWater’s Jeff Chassner (Director of New Market Business Development), Francesca Zeifman (Communications Manager) and Zak Schroerlucke (Beer Education Manager) about their upcoming move into the Buckeye state in early September. As Chassner put it, they “plan to start in Cincinnati and then move into Dayton and Columbus. Cleveland and then Toledo will come after that.”

When they launch in Ohio, SweetWater will be bringing their flagship 420 Extra Pale Ale and IPA on draft. Both of those beers plus their Blue blueberry wheat will be available in bottles. Their Take Two Pils and one of their seasonal beers will be available as part of their variety twelve pack. Currently the seasonal is their WaterKeeper Hefeweizen which raises money for the Waterkeeper Alliance “Save Our Water” campaign. We asked if any of their Dank Tank series would be making their way to Ohio and they said that might be a possibility for some future SweetWater tap takeovers.

Between now and their September launch date, you can keep up with SweetWater’s Ohio plans on Facebook and Twitter. They also have some ideas for some preview events and there is a good chance that Hoperatives will be helping out on one of those. Watch here or our Facebook page or Twitter feed for more information.

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