Are you coming Thursday? RSVP Please!

The first ever Hoperatives Happening (a gathering of believers in better beer) will be at the Cincinnati Rock Bottom on this Thursday (July 2nd) at 6:00 pm.

We stopped in at Rock Bottom yesterday and brewmaster Mitch and manager Keith have space reserved for us. We’ll be in the raised area immediately to your right when you enter (where their brewers dinners are usually held). There will be some complimentary appetizers too and we will have some giveaways for the Hoperatives that join us that night.

What we need to know now is… how many of you are coming? We know about 25 people said they could come to a gathering on this date when we asked earlier. Just leave us a comment here or drop us a message at to let us know. You can also RSVP on Twitter or Facebook.

If you already have a Hoperatives button, please wear it that night. If you need one, you can get one there (while supplies last). Also, we recently found out that a photographer from CIN Weekly / Metromix will be there that night and we’ll be part of an upcoming article on beer in Cincinnati.

We’re very excited about this and hope you are too! Plus, it will be Hoperatives’ 6 months anniversary!

– Tom and Carla

If We Throw It, Will You Come? (A Gathering, That Is…)

So we’ve been kicking around having our first official Hoperatives gathering some time soon. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you individually, but thought it might be nice to get together and raise a pint to “better beer”. So check your calendars and let us know if Thursday, June 4th or Thursday, July 2nd would work for you. We’re thinking 6:00 pm or so to meet up. As soon as we get at least ten positive responses to this idea, we’ll start putting things in motion.

And don’t forget we’re on our way to our 100th Hoperative and our next drawing. We already have some prizes for this next round including $40 gift certificate to Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery, a t-shirt from Weasel Boy Brewing Company, a Magic Hat opener and more. Who knows what else we might add by the time we get to 100? Not a Hoperative yet? Just drop an email message to with your name and location to join our ranks and get your roll call number.

Cheers and to better beer!

– Carla and Tom

A little tour around the new place

So far I’ve been doing most of the posting because Carla has been very busy doing some of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. You’ll notice over there on the left that there’s a navigation menu broken out into a number of categories. I hope you’ve take a look around, because that’s where you’ll find the fruits of her labor: In a short period of time she’s made a great start on creating a resource that we hope you’ll find useful. Want to know what beers your favorite beer store has on tap in their growler program? We’ll have them here, updated with the most recent information we can get our hands on.

(By the way, do you own an establishment that fits into one of the categories? Let us know who you are and what you’re doing. We want this to be as comprehensive a resource as we can make it. We’re making the rounds as quickly as we can, but you don’t have to wait on us.)

The events list to the right will always show the next five events we know about, but you can get a more comprehensive view from the full Calendar link on the left.  One event that I’m already looking forward to with great anticipation is the 2nd Annual Midwest Winter Beer Festival slated for February 6-7 at the Radisson Cincinnati Riverfront in Covington, KY.  In many ways, last year’s event planted the seeds for this blog.  It’s well-organized, an incredible value and benefits an outstanding non-profit organization:  the Big Joe Duskin Education Foundation.  This event is an absolute can’t-miss.  Start making your plans.

In the upcoming week you can expect to see some reviews, including one in a category we’re calling “Yeah, We Tried It.”  That’s where we’ll review beers you’ve been curious about, but don’t want to be seen buying.  This week’s entry:  Budweiser American Ale.

Yeah.  We tried it.

We’ll also take a look at Mt. Carmel’s Copper Ale and probably a couple of others to to kick us off.  And we’ll be at Rock Bottom Thursday evening for the tapping of the Buffalo Gold Ale.

Look for us.  We’ll be the ones with the beer.