This Week in Beer: January 18-24, 2021

A quick reminder: To be included on our This Week in Beer listing, the event must be beer-focused. For example, a yoga session that just happens to be held in the brewery is not beer-focused. But a yoga session bundled with a pint of beer at a brewery is beer-focused. Many locations are still doing trivia, live music, and the like so check out their websites for more information on those types of events. While in the past, we only listed events here that are unique for this coming week in beer, we will be listing weekly or monthly events until further notice.

Monday, January 18th from 3:00-10:00 pm – All Day Happy Hour and Pizza Special at Darkness Brewing: $4 and $5 (normally $5 and $6) on all Darkness draft beers; starting at 5:00 pm, $10 for any 12″ specialty pizza from Newport Pizza Company delivered for free right to your seat.

Wednesday, January 20th from 5:00-8:00 pm – Beer and Donut Pairing at Taft’s Brewporium: Tickets are $12 for a flight of four different beers paired with four donuts from Peace, Love + Little Donuts. Ticketholders also get a wristband for $1 off pints for the day of the event. Each ticket is good for a one-hour time slot to comply with social distancing. Pairings are S’mores Donut + Cherrywood Amber Ale, Powdered Sugar Donut + Maverick Chocolate Porter, Blueberry Pancake Donut + Nellie’s Lemon Frosty Ale, and Coffee & Cream Donut + Beautiful Harmony English Mild Ale. Tickets are $12. For more information and to purchase tickets, go to the event’s EventBrite page.

Wednesday, January 20th from 6:30-8:00 pm – Humble Hounds at Humble Monk Brewing: A weekly canine week-up with Cincinnati Animal Care to find permanent homes for rescues introduced each Wednesday. Bring your own pup or find out how you can foster a rescue. Pet items like treats and toys can be donated in the taproom collection box. $1 of every draft pint consumed at Humble Monk on Humble Hounds night is donated to Cincinnati Animal Care.

Thursday, January 21st from 5:00-10:00 pm – Beer-It-Forward Thursday at Dead Low Brewing: Pre-purchase a pint or growler for a future guest who is active military or a veteran or who is a first responder, healthcare worker, teacher, or service industry worker.

Thursday, January 21st through Saturday, January 23rd – Local Local Local 21 at Arnold’s Bar and Grill: Enjoy $3.50 pints from local breweries all three days. Breweries include Christian Moerlein, Listermann, Fifty West, Braxton, Little Kings, Urban Artifact, Rhinegeist, MadTree, Darkness, 16 Lots, Bircus, Sam Adams, and more. There will be two solo acts each night playing from 4-9 on Thursday and 5-10 on Friday and Saturday. For more information, check out their Facebook event listing.

Hoperatives: This Week In Beer

A Little Change Will Do You Good

When I was trying to come up with a way to start yesterday’s short piece about Peanut Kahles going to The Party Source, the first thing that popped into my mind was “more change.” That’s a lot of what Hoperatives is about nowadays, chronicling the changing landscape of beer in Cincinnati. The landscape changes pretty quickly around here now, and I think that’s a good thing. There’s precedent for it, of course. Something Harry Truman once said that I don’t think people appreciate nearly enough is that the only thing new under the sun is the history you don’t know yet.1 If you try to study the history of brewing in Cincinnati you find out pretty quickly that it’s a lot like the menu at Taco Bell: a few ingredients that wind up making up a lot of different combinations. Take a bunch of Windischs, Mulhausers, Hudepohls, Moerleins, Kaufmanns and Haucks. Place them in a small geographic area. Add marriages within the families. Let it cook for 30-years or so. What you get is a brewing history that is second-to-none.

A simple blog post isn’t the place to try to fit everything that’s happened in Cincinnati beer into some grand historical context.  It’s pretty clear to me that pre-Prohibition was the first era. Post-Prohibition with the closures and consolidation of the old breweries is probably a good place to set the second act.  I don’t know what to do with the Main Streets, Mad Monks, Barrel Houses, Watson Brothers and Oldenburgs. Are they an era unto themselves? Then there’s Northern Kentucky. Wiedemann and Bavarian share some DNA with the breweries north of the Ohio River, but they also have a history unto themselves. I don’t know what to do with that. And what about Rock Bottom?  And how do we fit Boston Beer Company into it all?  Somebody who’s not me ought to write a book.

What I am willing to argue is that you can mark the beginning of the current beer era in Cincinnati with two events:  Mike and Kathleen Dewey rolling the dice and starting Mt. Carmel in the basement of the farmhouse and Greg Hardman buying up the old Cincinnati brands with the intention of bringing them back to the city under the banner of the Christian Moerlein Brewing Company. When Mike and Kathleen started it was easier to name Cincinnati breweries that had failed than had succeeded. It was impossible to explain what the deal was with Moerlein unless the person you were talking to was familiar with Little Kings (and maybe not even them).  Next week Rhinegeist will open and MadTree will no longer be the newest brewery in town. Depending on when Eight Ball Brewing gets up and running, Rhinegeist may well have the shortest reign as the new kids on the block.  And it’s not like Blank Slate or Fifty West or MadTree measured their tenures in geologic terms. By comparison — and only by comparison — Rivertown and Listermann had forever settle in.2 Imagine what the scheduling task will be like if next year’s Cincinnati Beer Week tries another Tap Room Trolley. It was a pretty full day last year and MadTree, the Moerlein Taproom in OTR, Rhinegeist and Eight Ball didn’t exist.  Good luck with that.

I don’t see the pace we’ve seen over the last year keeping up, but the good news is that everyone we have seems to be doing well. I don’t know if we’ll be adding any names to a similar post next year, but I’ll be shocked — very shocked — if any of the names I’ve mentioned here have disappeared. I expect we’ll see growth from within the existing players and that’s where the next round of changes will come from. On the other hand, throw a rock at room full of assistant brewers and you’ll get arrested for assaulting someone and that someone will probably have plans to open a brewery. That’s the way it was back in the first era of Cincinnati brewing, and that’s the way it is now.

And that’s a good thing.

1 Which leads to people who don’t forget history being forever doomed to repeat Santayana’s line about people who forget history being doomed to repeat it.
2 I’m going to catch well-deserved hell over that one.

Arnold’s Announces their Cincinnati Beer Week Events

Thursday, February 2 at 7:00 pm

“A Cincinnati Brew Story” presented by Far-I-Rome Productions, Hudepohl, Little Kings and Burger Beer Week Kickoff Party featuring Cincinnati’s Heritage beers
Arnold’s is kicking it old school with a celebration of Cincinnati’s beers of yore. Far-I-Rome and Hudepohl are presenting a full night of folk/pop music with three bands, The Evans Collective, Billy Otten and The Bostic Family Tent Revival. Arnold’s will be providing 2.00 beer specials all night on Hudy 14k, Hudy Delight, Little Kings and Burger.

Friday, February 3 at 5:00 pm

Arnold’s Bourbon Barrel 1861 Porter Happy Hour Tapping
In honor of beer week Christian Moerlein has remixed a batch of the Arnold’s 1861 Porter. Arnold’s is already the only place that you could get the Porter, but for this special release, Christian Moerlein will be aging the same beer in a bourbon barrel. Live music from The Cincy Brass at 9pm

Saturday, February 4 at 6:00pm

Great Lakes Brewing Company – Dry Hopped, Cask Conditioned Burning River Happy Hour Tapping
Arnold’s will be the only place to get it in town and they have only 1 quarter barrel available. Great Lakes beer reps will also be on hand giving out free swag. Cask-conditioned beer, often referred to as ‘real ale’, is brewed from only traditional ingredients and allowed to mature naturally.
The unfiltered, unpasteurized beer still contains live yeast, which continues conditioning the beer in the cask (known as ‘secondary fermentation’); this process creates a gentle, natural CO2 carbonation and allows malt and hop flavors to develop, resulting in a richer tasting drink with more character than standard keg (‘brewery-conditioned’) beers.

Monday, February 6 at 6:00 pm

Rivertown Sensory Analysis
Sensory beer analysis course and discussion on starting a craft brewery. Join Brewmaster and CEO and Co-Founder Jason Roeper and Randy Schiltz as they discuss the finer points of craft brewing along with a full line up of Rivertown beers! Ever dreamed of starting a Microbrewery? you dont want to miss this event!

Tuesday, February 7 at 5:00 pm

Bell’s, Blues, and Barbecues
Bell’s beer is offering up not one, but two of its Pub Brews on tap. Arnold’s is the only place in Cincinnati that will have them and the only other place that you can get them in the world is at Bell’s own Brew Pub in Kalamazoo, MI. This release is super limited and there is only 1 quarter barrel of each in town. Bell’s reps will also be in handing out free swag. In addition to that John Redell will be on stage playing live Blues from 7-9 and Arnold’s will be serving an entirely Barbecue themed menu.

Wednesday, February 8 at 5:00 pm

Listermann’s Cask Conditioned Imperial Baltic Porter Happy Hour Tapping
Super limited release from Listermann’s brewed in honor of beer fest. Lightly smoked and fermented in a Bourbon Barrel. Arnold’s is the only place that you can get it before Beerfest and our supply is very limited. Cask-conditioned beer, often referred to as ‘real ale’, is brewed from only traditional ingredients and allowed to mature naturally. The unfiltered, unpasteurized beer still contains live yeast, which continues conditioning the beer in the cask (known as ‘secondary fermentation’); this process creates a gentle, natural CO2 carbonation and allows malt and hop flavors to develop, resulting in a richer tasting drink with more character than standard keg (‘brewery-conditioned’) beers.

Thursday, February 9 at 10:30 pm

The Little King’s Sausage Queen Competition
The renowned (and sometimes notorious) Sausage Queen helps lead the Bockfest Parade by carrying a symbolic tray of Bockwurst sausage. The Sausage Queen is Bockfest royalty who is anointed in the least aristocratic manner we could create: a gender-neutral pageant that has multiple preliminary rounds in local bars. Winning contestants receive prizes, but are mostly vying for the honor and prestige of being the 2011 Sausage Queen.
In the weeks leading up to Bockfest, each participating venue will select its Queen contestant for the 2011 finale, held at the Hall during Bockfest.

Little Kings Cream Ale presents Tour Kick Off Party in support of Know Theatre

Support a great local theater while enjoying your favorite guilty pleasure beer! And you can make your own King’s Proclamation too!

Little Kings Cream Ale presents Kevin Downey Jr’s Groovy World Tour kick off party, in support of Know Theatre of Cincinnati, on Friday May 20, 2011.
The Groovy World Tour will make its debut in the original city that those little green bottles were created, Cincinnati. KDJ will tout his comedic offerings, while educating America on a proper King’s Proclamation and giving a show that will be sure to offend, delight and make you laugh your ass off. All proceeds will benefit Know Theatre, Little Kings will be on special.
Doors will open at 7:30 p.m. for a groovy beer party, fully equipped with tunes from DJ Blakkoutt. Show starts promptly at 9:30 p.m., hosted by Metromix’s Katie Clavey, featuring opening act, funny man Alex Stone and closing with Kevin Downey Jr., no relation to Robert Downey Jr.
The KDJGWT plans to cover all 40 states where Little Kings are sold, featuring Facebook updates of KDJ’s comedy and life on the road – updates will be listed on , the Little Kings Facebook page and twitter handle @littlekings
Tickets cost $15, limited availability. To purchase go to Afterparty at Lunar night club starting at 11:30 p.m., ticket stub gets guests in for free.
Know Theatre is located at 1120 Jackson St. Cincinnati OH, 45202. Phone: 513.300.KNOW
Launch is located on the first floor of Lunar Night Club is located at 435 Elm St. Cincinnati OH, 45202. Phone: 513.381.2573

Kevin Downey Jr.'s Groovy World Tour presented by Little Kings

King’s Proclamations
A King’s Proclamation is a slogan of sorts, “A proclamation is a philosophical statement that entices and strikes a chord in the hearts and souls of the Little Kings movement,” commented Kevin Downey Jr. the retro hip jester dignitary “if aliens would just put down their probes and offer Little Kings, they’d get more research subjects.”

Contestants are urged to create something original, funny, witty and just downright perfect, all in the realm of a 140 character entry.

The new website will now feature Downey Jr. himself, sharing with Little King’s lovers on the correct method of how to do a King’s Proclamation. A calendar featuring Downey Jr’s schedule across the United States will be also be featured on the website.
Examples of great Kings Proclamations includes “If no one else remembers, then it never happened,” “Keeping your double dog dares adventurous since 1958”, “If aliens would just put down their probes and offer Little Kings, they’d get more research subjects”, “We are opposed to breast reduction. We think 2 is the perfect number”.

Go to and enter a King’s Proclamation of your choice with the chance to win national notoriety and more importantly a retro hip t-shirt. The winning proclamation will be announced weekly via Twitter and the Little King’s Facebook page.
You can find more information on Little King’s Cream Ale at on Facebook (Little Kings) or Twitter (@littlekingsbeer, to search #kp or #kingsproclamation)

This Week in Beer: July 12 – 18, 2010

Monday, July 12th at 6:00 pm – Half Price Pint Night at JeanRo Bistro

Wednesday, July 14th from 5:30 to 8:00 pm – Beer Tasting at Marty’s Hops and Vines

Wednesday, July 14th at 6:00 pm – Pint Night at Catskeller (UC Campus)

Wednesday, July 14th at 6:00 pm – Burgers and Beers at the Party Source
Tonight’s theme is Home Brew.

Thursday, July 15th at 6:00-10:00 pm – Cock & Bull: Pint Night (Covington) Thursdays
This week, it’s New Holland Imperial Hatter.

Thursday, July 15th at 6:00 pm – Firkin Tapping at Rock Bottom Brewery

Thursday, July 15th at 6:30 pm – Beer Dinner at Midwest Culinary Institute (Cincinnati State Technical and Community College)
Menu includes Little Kings and 21st Amendment with assorted canapes; Smutty Nose Summer Weis with Jamaican jerk roasted salmon with purple potato, mango & scallion; Anderson Valley Summer Solstice with kurobuta “hot dog, chips & beer”; Brooklyn Chocolate Stout with rosemary & garlic marinated terus major with grilled lemon, orange, arugula & parmesan and Brooklyn Local 2 with grilled plantain with honey, cocoa & salt.
Cost is $45.00 plus gratuity and tax per person with complimentary valet parking provided. Call 569-4980 with any questions. A 48 hour cancellation policy applies.

Thursday, July 15th at 6:00 pm – New Holland Brewing Food and Beer Tasting at Cork ‘N Bottle (Covington)
This event was sold out the last we heard, but you can always call to see if there have been any cancellations – (859) 261-8333.

Friday, July 16th from 4:00-7:00 pm – Flowing Fridays Beer Tasting at Cork ‘N Bottle (Covington and Buttermilk Pike-Crescent Springs)

Friday, July 16th from 4:00-6:00 pm – Beer Tasting at DEP’s Fine Wine and Spirits in Fort Thomas (formerly Liquor Direct)

Friday, July 16th from 6:00-7:00 pm – Friday Night Flights Beer Tasting at Party Town in Florence

Saturday, July 17th from 5:00-8:00pm – Beer Tasting at Ludlow Wines

Beer Dinner at the Summit – July 15th

The Summit Restaurant of the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College will be hosting a beer dinner on Thursday, July 15th. Chef Matt is a big craft beer lover so this should be really good!


Welcoming: Little Kings and 21st Amendment with Assorted Canapes.

First Course: Smutty Nose Summer Weis with Jamaican Jerk Roasted Salmon with Purple Potato, Mango & Scallion.

Second Course: Anderson Valley Summer Solstice with Kurobuta “Hot Dog, Chips & Beer.”

Third Course: Brooklyn Chocolate Stout with Rosemary & Garlic Marinated Terus Major with Grilled Lemon, Orange, Arugula & Parmesan.

Fourth Course: Brooklyn Local 2 with Grilled Plantain with Honey, Cocoa & Salt.

The cost is $45.00 plus gratuity and tax per person with complimentary valet parking provided. They will begin at 6:30pm. Space is limited, so be sure to make your reservation soon. Call 569-4980 with any questions. A 48 hour cancellation policy applies.

Attend a Super OTR Bowl Party, Help the OTR Foundation

Looking for something to do for that big game next month? Check out this press release we received:


CINCINNATI – JANUARY 19, 2010 – Venue 222, the urban event space on 14th street, and the Over-the-Rhine Foundation are co-hosting the first annual Super OTR Bowl Party from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on February 7, 2010.

Cover charge is $20. Admission includes your fill of Moerlein Lager & Ales, Little Kings, Hudy Delight, Hudy 14-K, Burger Classic as well as wine, soda and water. All proceeds support the Over-the-Rhine Foundation’s work to make OTR the centerpiece of a revitalized Cincinnati. Even though you can’t watch a Cincinnati team, come enjoy the game with your OTR neighbors and friends, and show your civic pride with a great Cincinnati beer in hand. The game can be seen on multiple large and projection screens.

The neighborhood game day party will feature mainstay football eats available for purchase from Café de Wheels.

This is a private party hosted by Venue 222.

Reservations are required as seating is limited and can be made via Paypal by visiting

Venue 222 is Cincinnati’s premier urban event space: hosting a wide variety of parties, business meetings and speaking engagements. The space reserved for rental includes 4815 square feet on two floors, with parking on- and off-site. Built in 1868, Venue 222 has been renovated to accommodate small or large groups with unique, flexible options. Visit or call 513-684-9283 more information. You can follow Venue 222 on twitter also

The OTR Foundation works to preserve, protect and celebrate Over-the-Rhine, the historic heart of Cincinnati, by encouraging community growth, sound planning and responsible, sustainable development. More information is available at

Café de Wheels is the creation of Tom Asito, a Cincinnati native who has just returned to the Queen City from California, where he worked as a marketing and graphic design executive. The mobile food truck is Cincinnati’s first truly portable rolling café, serving mainstay pub eats. Currently, the truck is positioned everyday on Main St. between 7th and 8th Streets. You just never know where you will find Café de Wheels… Visit for more information.

Café de Wheels ‘Super OTR Bowl’ Combo Menu
*Beef provided by Avril, rolls by Giminetti and Veggies from Daisy Mae’s at Findlay Market
Burger /Sandwich Combo PICK TWO include Regular or Sweet potato fries $8.00 with 3 minis $10.00
Mini Wheels Burger; American cheese, lettuce, tomato, balsamic onion marmalade + Mike’s mayo
Mini Wheels Veggie Burger; Beets, brown rice, lentils, onions, carrots, mushrooms, eggs and more…
Mini Cincinnati Cuban; Sliced ham, Roasted Cuban pork, Baby Swiss, Grilled onions, Dill Pickle, Butter, Mustard
Mini Wheels Crispy Chicken, seasoned flour/buttermilk, with lettuce and tomato
Mett Grilled! Served with mustard, sauerkraut, onions, jalapeño peppers, relish.
*** additional MINI SANDWICHES $3.00 each***

Chili Fries de Mike; A basket of crinkle cuts topped with Mike’s Chili & Cheddar