Gov. Kasich Visits Mt. Carmel Brewery

So, yesterday at about 4:00 pm, we got an urgent e-mail message from Patrick Clark, Mt. Carmel Brewing’s Assistant Brewer and Brand Coordinator, inviting us to be at the brewery for Governor John Kasich and Ohio Department of Commerce Director David Goodman’s in honor of the passage of HB 243 which made all of the new local tasting rooms possible.

Patrick Clark at the Mt. Carmel Tasting Room

As Patrick put it in his email,

Before the signing of HB 243 in December 2011, state law required brewers to buy one permit to make their product and another to introduce it to their customers, which proved too costly for some small artisan brewers. Now, for no additional fee, these Ohio craftsmen can make their products more available to consumers.

After signing HB 243 into law, Governor Kasich’s office got a message from the Mt, Carmel Brewing Company that read in part, “… our thanks to all … who have helped see that each of Ohio’s 48 breweries be able to share their craft. Governor Kasich didn’t just sign a bill yesterday – he signed paychecks from across Ohio…”

Now that a new tasting room has been completed, the Deweys have invited the Governor and the Director of Commerce who heads Liquor Control to see what this common sense change means for Mt. Carmel Brewery. They will be joined by other craft brewers from the area whose heart is driving this growing industry. 

Kathleen & Mike Dewey, Gov. Kasich and Commerce Dir. Goodman

Governor Kasich and Dir. Goodman toured both the new tasting room and the brewery before sitting down for a brief interview session with Mike and Kathleen Dewey. The governor tried the Mt. Carmel Amber and bought a six pack to take home. Reportedly, he said he couldn’t drink much now because he has to work out tonight.

Mike and Kathleen Dewey being interviewed by WCPO

After the more formal session, Mike and Kathleen answered more questions from the press. Reporters and photographers from Local12, Fox19, WCPO, WVXU (including Howard Wilkinson) and the Enquirer were in attendance.

Dept of Commerce Director David Goodman buys a Mt. Carmel Porch pack

Commerce Director Goodman bought one of the Mt. Carmel Porch Packs. City Council member Yvette Simpson and several others bought one too. All in all, lots of Mt. Carmel beers were purchased.

For more information on the Mt. Carmel Brewing Tasting room, check out our earlier post. Oh, and the new Third Shift Imperial Coffee Stout is very nice… You should stop be and check it out.