Beer more important than knife wound

From Monday, January 19, 2009 issue of the Edmonton Sun

A man who was stabbed at the York Hotel opted to return to the bar to finish his beer rather than seek medical attention.

Police responded to the downtown hotel located at 10401 96 St. just after 9 p.m. Saturday with reports that a man had been stabbed.

When they arrived, they found the victim at his table drinking beer.

“He’s got a minor poke to his chest, but he’s not giving us any details,” said Staff Sgt. Regan James. “You can imagine the level of his concern was not that high.”

No suspects had been located and cops said the victim was unco-operative with them.

Thanks to Hoperative #14 Jared Whalen for sharing this with us! Would love to know what beer he was drinking!

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