Happy 12th Anniversary to Hoperatives (And the Return of a Favorite)

Carla: Happy New Year and Happy 12th Anniversary to Hoperatives, Tom!

Tom: Doesn’t the last year count as twelve years? Shouldn’t it be almost our 25th year of doing Hoperatives?

C: It just feels that way. Why don’t you tell folks what you’ve been working on?

T: Does ‘Animal Crossing’ count?

C: Let’s say ‘no.’

T: Where’d I leave my sad trombone?

C: I know where I’ll put it if you find it. People are waiting, Tom.

T: OK, OK. So the short answer is — not a lot. See, back in January of 2020, I was on a bit of a roll. I thought I had a good plan, but then I went and made it way too complicated.

C: You? Overcomplicate something?

T: I know, right? It never ….hey!

C: Please continue. I found the trombone.

T: Wow, this is getting dark. Anyway so after thrashing around for a month or so I finally decided to blow up what I’d been doing and start fresh.

C: When was this?

T: Early March.

C: Early March? But that’s when …

T: Yeah. It was. I think it was around the 10th or the 11th that I started a new codebase. Then everything stopped.

C: Lockdown.

T: Yeah. Maybe it’s a personal shortcoming, but I had a really hard time motivating myself to write an online app that tracked beer events around town when the only reason anyone left the house was to search for toilet paper. You were scrambling to keep the Brewing Science classes going at Cincinnati State and there for a bit I was kind of in a daze.

C: A bit?

T: March to December is a bit.

C: No. That’s a megabit.

T: Two to the sucking power of 2020.

C: So where does that leave us?

T: Well, the main thing is that for as bad as 2020 has been, I’ve been absolutely blown away by the Cincinnati brewing community. It’s been amazing. The hand sanitizer thing back at the beginning. Figuring out how to keep making beer and keep people safe. I feel corny saying it, but it’s been inspiring.

C: So what are you going to do with that inspiration?

T: Motivate me to get going, for one thing. The thing is, I do think this is going to be over. I didn’t believe that for a long time. But the vaccines are out there now. It’s going to take a few months probably, but I think the taprooms and bars and venues all around town are going to get back to being places for people to gather and be a community again. And instead of trying to be everything to all people, I want to start small. But not just start: finish what gets started. And we both know where we need to start.

C: This Week in Beer?

T: That’s the ticket. And I’ve talked enough. This Week in Beer has always been your baby, and that’s not changing. You’re the best person to talk about it.

C: Time after time, the feature that people mentioned most often when they found out we ran Hoperatives was our This Week in Beer post. So many people told us that they used to plan their week around it. But as the number of breweries and better beer venues exploded in the greater Cincinnati/NKY area, it became so much more work than it was when we started it over ten years ago. And creating and running the Cincinnati State Brewing Science department had to take precedence over everything else.

How about I make you a deal? I’ll start 2021 doing the This Week in Beer post by hand as I’ve done in the past… BUT with the understanding that you will code a way to do it automatically via your new fancy-schmancy database. Sound good?

T: Sounds good.

C: Should I give you a deadline?

T: No, but you do know where I keep my Nintendo Switch.

C: And I do have the trombone…


So watch here for the return of This Week in Beer starting this coming Hoperatives: This Week In BeerMonday, January 4th. It will most likely go up at 9:00 am, but like all things nowadays, that is subject to change.

A quick reminder: To be included on our This Week in Beer listing, the event must be beer-focused. For example, a yoga session that just happens to be held in the brewery is not beer-focused. But a yoga session bundled with a pint of beer at a brewery is beer-focused. If you have any questions, just let us know via the Contact page. And don’t be surprised if some beer news pops up from time to time. Once we get on a roll, anything is possible!

—Tom and Carla